Visionaries, Leaders.

Entrepreneurs, Creatives.

Together we will transform the way you live your purpose, fulfil your calling and achieve your dreams of success, fulfillment & freedom.

Whether you’re preparing to start your next career or business move, struggling to move forward in life or suffering from a lack of purpose and direction, the path to success and fulfillment is not always a smooth one. But with the right knowledge, tools, and awareness it is possible to bring your vision to life and live the life you desire.


If you’re searching for clarity and direction
If you long to feel supported, inspired and empowered
If you want to ignite your higher work, power and purpose


You’re in exactly the right place


I want to be really clear about a few things...

I'm a catalyst for transformation and I’m in the business of inspiration.

I'm the coach and confidante who supports you in finding your way. The navigator who directs you back onto your path and into your highest purpose. With me by your side you will step into your greatness, explore your edges, spread your wings and fly. Together we will transform your whole life so you can finally start living the life you truly desire.

So, if you're ready...

Ready to stop distracting yourself. Ready to start the journey. And ready to claim back your power, this is just the place for you.

This is the place for those that are truly ready for a transformation.

Remember that person you wanted to be when you grew up?

Let’s go find them.

You and I both know that The Force isn’t just for Luke Skywalker, it’s for you, too – and you’re ready now to explore what that might mean for you. You have no doubt that there is a universal energy that binds us all together and after what feels like forever you’re ready to find that elusive power for yourself. You’re done playing games of comparison and wondering what your next step should be. You want to feel aligned with your Soul. You’re done searching for answers. The time has come for you to take one giant revolutionary leap.

I feel you with every cell in my body.

I’ve been where you are now.

And I'm right beside you. Doing the work, committing to myself, my soul and my journey – but ultimately giving myself permission to be uniquely me with all my faults and flaws.

It took me a while to get my power back and we’ll get to how I lost it soon, but when I did I experienced such a profound way of being that it took my breath away. The truth is when you tap into the very essence of your being you will too.


Strategist, Transformational Coach and proud Mentor of Leaders and Visionaries

I work with people who are changing the way we think about our lives, businesses and the planet. I work with people who desire to live their highest purpose. I work with people who are ready to step into the fullness of who they really are and claim the life that is waiting for them.

I love deep thinking; working creatively, and navigating the path for others. It’s in my blood, has always come naturally to me and brings me alive.

Most importantly my passion is to teach others how to blend intellect and intuition, science and spirit to experience more joy-filled, authentic, power-fueled lives.

I’m the first to admit that my life has not been an easy ride. I have an entrepreneurial spirit. In the past I would jump first and ask questions later, now I ask all the questions. I do the research. I take the time and I explore the truth. In fact, I have an insatiable desire to learn the truth – about myself and everyone around me. I love getting to the heart-of-the-matter, uncovering, unpacking and discovering what’s real and what’s not.

I love shining a light in the darkness. I’ve had a few career transitions and shed more tears than I care to remember. But it has all been in the pursuit of my ultimate goal – alignment with my highest self.

And I consider this website my online home.

A place where I share my most sacred ideas on wisdom, wellbeing and work. And my wish for you is that it becomes your second space as you move through your own inner transformation.

But before you sign up with an “I’ll have what she’s having!” I need to warn you about me, because here’s the thing:

  • I’ll guide you into the furthest parts of your being so that together we can release all the stories, beliefs, ideas and programs that have been holding you back.
  • I’ll encourage you to let go, to breathe, to relax, to connect with your true self and to surrender your past.
  • I’ll show you how to search within yourself and experience your life in a whole new way.
  • I'll ask you to trust me, but most importantly I will ask you to trust yourself.
  • And ultimately it will be a journey that we take together that will completely transform your life.

My intention is...

to empower you in all areas of your life.

My mission is...

to show you how to access the wisdom that exists within you.

My vision is...

to bring you into alignment with your highest purpose so that you can fulfill your calling and live the life you were born to live.

The Journey to Now

Looking back I’ve had quite a few defining moments and it’s a challenge for a story teller to sum up some 40 years of life in a handful of paragraphs but here goes …As a fresh faced boarding school educated, country girl raised, art school graduate I was eager to make my mark on the world. As a teenager I had visions of joining the family business but when my Father said, “The bush isn’t the place for you” with tears in my eyes I looked further afield.

  • A natural talent for creativity.

    A natural talent for creativity and an inquisitive mind directed me into the world of advertising where I soon discovered how hierarchical business can be and that bullies come in all shapes and sizes – neither appealed, and so, I decided to start my own graphic design and advertising business at the tender age of 23. There is no doubt that my personality opened more doors than my (graphic design) ability and I quickly realised I would need to upscale my offering if I wanted to build my own empire – just as my father had done.

  • Meeting the best in the business.

    A hop, skip and jump later I found myself with a handful of contractors, I had some wonderful clients on the books but in my bones something wasn’t right. I had met the best in the business, yes I know the designers of Facebook’s Logo and yes they are very cool and I realised I didn’t want to compete with them – they were brilliant and so I set about to find my own unique brilliance.

  • Finding my true north.

    I reverted to my love of books and storytelling and archetypes and I started to talk to people about their brand as a person – I was one of the first brand strategists in Australia to tap into the messenger market – I worked with Thought Leaders, Speakers, Authors and Coaches helping them to establish their unique message footprint in the world. It didn’t take long being in that community before I was asked to speak, and so, venturing forth onto the stage I found my hidden talent and with it, a burning fire within.

  • Going south.

    But this fire (cue ego) didn’t want to be contained by ‘personal branding’ it wanted to burn brighter than that! So I set about being more commercial – employee engagement, yes let’s do that! I wrote a book, workshop and keynote and launched myself onto the Speakers Circuit. To my delight I was immediately booked and started to make more money in an hour than most people do in a month. It was all going swimmingly until one day, I–simply–stopped.

  • Wake-Up Call.

    Looking back this pursuit was a ticking-bomb, it piqued my ego, not my soul. Slowly over time I questioned my ability to be a subject-matter-expert on the topic of Employee Engagement, who was I kidding? I had never worked in HR and slowly my self confidence eroded. I felt like a failure and a fraud. For someone who had made a name helping messengers step up and own their authenticity I felt sick when I realised I was showing up as my most inauthentic self. And to make matters worse I actually became sick – My body developed tumors in my right arm.

  • Back to my roots.

    So I went back(wards). I took my identity all the way back to my position as the 4th child of a 4th generation farming family and I began exploring the concept of legacy. In my pain and suffering I turned home. In my internal cave I questioned everything – who I was, what I was doing, why I was battling this undiagnosable disease? Unbeknownst to me I was in the middle of my own hero’s journey. With my flame extinguished I turned to the two things that have always given me hope – Family and Faith and I simply put them together.

  • Seizing the sword.

    It took many months of soul searching before I felt ready to step back into the world again. My wounds clearly visible (my right arm disfigured) I tapped into my greater quest for meaning and purpose. My longing to make a difference in the world was again being nurtured by my soul, not my ego and it took sometime before I was able to discern their different voices. Truth be known I was scared but excited about my burgeoning ideas on legacy and what they might become. As it turns out this was my powerful new beginning.

  • The road back.

    In sharing my thoughts on legacy, philanthropy, generational families and business doors have opened where there were never doors before. Between then and now my ideas have evolved, matured and changed – as have I. The difference is that I can now see my place in the world. Hindsight that brings insight is our most powerful tool when it comes to transformation. And I can now clearly see the beauty of the ride.

  • Present day.

    Today I work with Entrepreneurs and Leaders from across the globe. I found the magical elixir and now bring it to all that I do. My arm is still healing, and I have learned how to live with the unexplainable. I still yearn for the expanse of the Outback but feel a cool breeze calling me from the ocean and that feels like a dream worth exploring. But ultimately, I have found my calling – I know that I am here to awaken you to what’s possible – which is so much more than you realise.

Between it all from way back then to right here, right now. I’ve always seen the power in freedom.

Freedom to choose what I wanted and when I wanted it. I’ve never been defined by the status quo, what’s normal or the ‘way it’s done.’ Along the way I’ve gone to art school, pulled beers, and sprayed perfume. I’ve fired and hired staff, sold cigarettes to movie stars, sold cashmere coats by wearing them and married my client. It’s been quite the interdisciplinary education and I’ve learnt about myself and people at every turn.

Art school taught me the importance of following your heart – even when you’re not sure if you’ve got what it takes.

Selling cashmere coats by wearing them taught me the power of recognition. When people see themselves in a brand-new way, a whole world of possibility opens up.

Hiring staff and firing staff taught me responsibility. It taught me how to recognise talent in others, how to nurture it and when you need to let people go, so they can grow.

Selling cigarettes to movie stars taught me discernment – we should never judge another based on what we see. No matter what we think we know or have heard.

And marrying my client? Well that taught me about faith – it taught me to take the leap and trust that my life could be a grand adventure. But more importantly than that...

It taught me that real life begins the moment you have the courage to start living it!

All of these insights have inspired my purpose, my work, my calling. They have exposed me to the power of experience and are the foundation stones that navigate my path through life:


Because the moment I step into the greater awareness of who I am and what I am capable of my world expands around me. This is the key to everything you want to experience in business and life.


Because life can be tough. Demanding. Sad. Exhausting. And we need to have the courage to just take the next step. Especially when we feel like we can’t.


Because the only constant is change. No matter what we try to do or be or say. We are constantly changing. The secret is to change along with it.

With these foundation stones in place, I’ve explored the reality of true self and how to create deep transformational change.

I’ve mentored, coached and strategized with men and women from all walks of life, spoken on stages, published paperbacks and written pages and pages about this journey called life.

Today I spend my days mentoring the next generation of Business Leaders and transforming lives through The Higher Collective –– a group mentoring program, with the singular intention: to awaken you to your highest calling, so that individually, and united as a community, we can co-create the life you were born to live.




From uncertainty, apathy and disengagement to clarity, meaning and passion.

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