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Brooke Alexander Higher Work

TODAY IN, 4 MINUTES OR LESS, YOU’LL LEARN: 1. My personal journey to discovering “Higher Work”2. How to process and release deep transformation and change3. How to access your own Higher Work When it comes to finding your own Higher Work, there is a 3 step framework that I find useful to follow if you […]

Brooke Alexander, Founder Higher Work

The methodology I’m sharing today has been specifically designed to move your mind into a state of expanded awareness, where anything is possible. Embody it, and you’ll find that creating change is easier, taking inspired action feels natural, and setbacks no longer derail you. If you can imagine what it feels like to move through a vortex into another dimension, this is it.  Once experienced you’ll understand what truly is possible in your life and perhaps most importantly how to evolve consciously through it.

We’ve all been there before. You wake up to feel the tender hooks of anxiety prod you awake. You don’t want to wake up, but you know you have to rise and face the day. You roll over. Your thoughts scatter as you feel the sheet rise and then settle back down gently. But just […]

sad girl breakfast cafe window glass

Today I want to talk to you about something really important. It’s something that has the power to derail you, your plans and your life. Yes. It’s that important. We’re all guilty of it. If you tell me that you’ve never suffered from it, I won’t believe it. You and I may call it different […]

Do you honestly believe that anything is possible? Do you truthfully feel that you can bring your vision to life? Do you intrinsically feel it within every cell of your body? I’m going to be honest with you because that’s what it takes. There can be no room for doubt or uncertainty in your life. As […]

There’s a dark side to pursuing a life with real meaning and purpose. And few people talk about. It appears when you’re dreams aren’t coming to life. When your goals are still “out there.” When you’re waiting for that sense of achievement to arrive. And instead of being excited and inspired by your aspirations you’re […]

Girl Morning Routine

For years I dreamt about having a morning routine. Some of the most successful people in the world have championed their morning routine as the secret to their success. In recent years the rekindling of ancient practices have seen people from all walks of life begin their morning with meditation or an act of mindfulness such […]

Back in my late 20’s I was running my own brand and design agency and I was becoming more and more depressed. As the story often goes – my life looked great on the outside, but on the inside I was hurting. I started my first business when I was 22. Hungry and eager with a […]

Last weekend while visiting my family in the country, I was called ‘A Healer.’ To be honest I’ve never actually thought of myself as a traditional healer. But the comment made me stop and think about the work I do on the planet with my clients. Upon deeper reflection, I thought yes! I am a healer. […]

Yesterday morning I woke to the news that a dear friend and past client had passed away. He was just 53 when he died in the early hours of yesterday morning in Los Angeles, California after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of colorectal cancer in May. It was his wish to remain private about his fight so […]


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