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Meet Your Higher Work

Do you long to live your Highest Purpose?

Do want to live a life that truly matters and makes a difference?

Do you believe that you were meant for something more?

Are you ready to do work that lights up your Soul?

Are you ready to take an evolutionary leap?

Are you willing to answer your calling?

If you're ready to find your Highest Purpose

then you’re in the right place.

I work with...

Visionaries, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Creatives who want to be of greater service, make a difference, fulfill their calling and serve a higher purpose.

  • Leaders and Entrepreneurs who know that consciousness is the new currency
  • Creatives and Visionaries who want to be mentored and supported by a like-minded Soul
  • Leaders and Entrepreneurs who want to place their genius in service to others
  • Visionaries with evolutionary ideas that contribute to a world that works for all beings

Wherever you are in your life, I have the wisdom and experience to awaken and alight you to your Highest Purpose.

Starting Your Journey

(for those just getting started)

Welcome to the brave new world. You’ve woken up to the realisation that the life you’ve been living isn’t you anymore. The old ways of working don’t work but you’re not entirely sure what does or what’s next and you definitely don’t know what you should be doing.

You’ve started to feel into this new way of living and you’re beginning to see the possibilities but you need a guide to show you the way. To show you what you really can do, what’s possible. You know you are ready to start the next chapter. It’s been months or even years since you’ve felt inspired by your work and deep down you know you’re meant for something greater.

You realise that you need support. Someone to help you navigate those next evolutionary steps. A Mentor who can direct you with an activated intuition and a powerful process to guide the way.

Wherever you are on this journey, I can help.

Over the past decade, I’ve Mentored and Coached men and women from all walks of life on Purpose, Legacy, and Thought Leadership.

Through those hours of relationships, I've discovered that the greatest fulfilment, the greatest meaning, the greatest success comes for those who choose to live in alignment with their Higher Self.

This is what paves the way for you to honour your True Essence and bring forth the brilliance that is uniquely you.

Together we will honour who you are, the journey you've been on and the future you want to create. We will do the work that brings forth the highest version of you.
If you want to live a rich, rewarding and fulfilling life and make a difference in the world then Brooke is the woman you need to know. She challenges you to dig deep but most importantly she supports you in your journey! Thanks Brooke. You are amazing!

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Finding Your Way

(for those evolving needing experience and support)

The last 12 months have changed your life irrevocably. Now more than ever you're ready to answer the call. It’s time to change. It’s time to live with real meaning in your daily life. Not just those moments in between; meditating before work or journaling at the end of the day. Walking in nature or playing with your children.

The time has come for you to bring your whole self to a new way of thinking about life and work. You’re called to do Higher Work. Work that lights up your Spirit. Work that transcends the everyday. Work that lifts you and everyone around you, Higher. You are aware and awake, ready to share your genius and contribute to a world that works for all.

You have moments of incredible clarity and wisdom but the yearning for more runs deep. You want to know your whole self intimately. You are ready to experience profound inner truth, resonance, peace, and prosperity. You intuitively know that you're here to serve the higher good and now you need someone to partner with you. A Coach, a Mentor who has done the work and comes from a place of wholeness, integrity, vision and inner power. Someone who can hold space for this transformation and can show you how to find your Higher Work.

Wherever you are in this journey I can help.

I started following my heart and intuition at 23 when I established my first business. Over the years my gifts and intuitive abilities have expanded and continue to evolve to higher and higher levels of consciousness, awareness, and understanding. After 20 years I’ve discovered how to see the signs along the way. I bring my whole self to the table when I Coach and Mentor. I bring my years of business, branding, and strategic experience to you. I enable clients to access my wisdom and intuition and in doing so it accelerates theirs. They tell me what an incredible experience it is to work with me and the truth is it's an honour to work with them.

Whatever guidance you’re looking for, whatever clarity you’re seeking, let’s have a conversation about how we can create the (life and) work you long for and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.
What an incredible experience it has been to work with you. I hope this is just the beginning.

Let's talk.

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Leading Your Way

(for those Rule Breakers, Visionaries, Thought Leaders and Game Changers ready to expand your impact)

You’re ready. Ready to show up more, expand both your reach and your impact. But this time it's different. There's a fire within you that's burning and it's accelerating at a rapid pace. It feels intoxicating and bewildering at the same time.

You know it's time to upgrade your life in a major way. You want to step fully into your True Self as a Business Leader, to share your ideas, shine your light and own your space. As a Thought Leaders Mentor, working with some of Australia’s leading international keynote speakers, and as a Brand Strategist with over 20+ years guiding brands to success. I know what's required of you to create the community, impact and acknowledgement you long to experience. So let me tell you it's yours to have. Let me show you how.

Wherever you’re at on this journey, I can help.

Whether you're a Visionary wanting to create a legacy, a Business Leader expanding your brand, a Creative exploring consciousness or an Entrepreneur growing your business. I can help show you the way.

It’s time to change the way we think about life and business. We need the innovators, the rule-breakers, the disruptors just like you to pave the way.
Brooke's experience in extraordinary branding with innovative strategy is a true find. Her passion and enthusiasm for her work are not without a good dose of down to earth fun and I’m thrilled to have worked with her on a number of levels.
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