How to Find Your Spiritual Purpose in Life


For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with the concept of purpose.

For years I sought out psychics, coaches, spiritual councillors and mentors with the direct intention of discovering my highest purpose this lifetime.

In my early twenties, I asked questions, studied my dreams, and read every single spiritually relevant book I could get my hands on, but still, I was left floundering. I was on a mission to experience personal and professional fulfilment and I wasn’t stopping until I got my answers.

Looking back, I admire that young woman and her determination to seek out guidance and wisdom.

She definitely did her research and I can recall one specific encounter with a gifted medium who said to her, “You have no idea who you are!” At the time I recall being peeved at this declaration of self. To be honest, I didn’t agree with the Medium and as I completed my session, I was overwhelmed by a desire to ask for my money back – this isn’t what I came here to hear!

But how often does that happen in life?

“We have an expectation of hearing one thing and end up experiencing the opposite”.

I inherently knew that my life path was to be a spiritual one, but I was looking for some much-needed guidance.

I realized and sensed that I had a spiritual calling, a mission and an important contribution to make to the world, but like all of us, I was looking for a guide to show me the way.

Very few people have been given the gift of inner insight for others.

Sure, there are teachers and mentors who can make suggestions but ultimately that inner drive, direction and purpose must be cultivated from within.

I can honestly say I’ve spent the past 20 years cultivating my purpose, with the last 10 being perhaps the hardest yet. I’ve shed more tears than I care to remember but I’ve developed extraordinary strength within and in doing so I’ve cultivated a deep, powerful and resonate sense of self and my spiritual purpose.

Very few people will tell you the truth when it comes to finding your purpose. They think you can find it in a book, a weekend retreat, a psychologist even a psychotherapist! But the truth is you will only find your purpose when you acknowledge your own uniqueness.

Everyone has their own purpose, their very own unique and priceless gift that they were put on the earth to share.

There, right there, that is where you will find your purpose. Within the cavities of your heart and the space between the thoughts is where you will make contact with this irreverent power within and purposefully and meaningfully find the purpose of your life on earth.

From my own personal journey, here are the 7 actions I undertook that helped me to discover my spiritual purpose; my raison d’être for life on earth.

1. Meditation

It is a truth universally acknowledged that meditation will take you places where no one else can.

When I first began exploring meditation in my early twenties when there were no apps or smartphones to assist, I sat on the floor of my office, closed my eyes and breathed between the thoughts.

A strange thing happened, and I experienced my mind as a box, an open cavity in which I could choose what thought to think. As soon as I became aware of this box, I lost the box and all the thoughts came tumbling in.

The next time I tried meditation I searched for the box. But it was nowhere to be found only the space between the thoughts.

I’ve since realised that that box was my higher self showing me my consciousness and how I had been limiting my thinking.

So, my advice, begin meditating and controversially these days, do it in silence.

Old school.

Breathe between the thoughts and just keep going. Yes, it will be difficult. Yes, you will experience resistance. But just trust me on this, this is where you access your power within.

You don’t need to hear someone else’s voice. Guided meditations are wonderful. But if you’re searching to discover your purpose it’s unlikely, you’ll find it when someone else is talking.

So, Step 1. Meditate.

2. Journaling

Journaling is to spiritual seekers what crack is to heroin addicts. It’s the shizz!

And there’s a reason why so many people advocate for it. Journaling is easier than meditation because all you need to do is start writing. And with that stream of consciousness, you unpack all those thoughts that pop in and out when you’re trying to meditate.

Yes. That right there is the big secret. Clear your thoughts through journaling. Taking pen to paper is miraculous. I talk about how to journal and lots of other amazing things in my free audio program here.

So, take pen to paper and start unpacking those thoughts. Just 5 minutes can bring life changing awareness into your life.

So, Step 2. Journal.

3. Channeling

Once you begin to get into the rhythm of meditation and consciously become aware of the space between your thoughts you will start to access higher forms of guidance.

This inner guidance can be anything from the profound to the incredibly simplistic. I have experienced both, the key here is to set the intention for the guidance with an invocation. The words I use before I begin any spiritual practice are, “Mother, Father, God, Creator, Beings who serve the highest good of all, please guide me and show me the way.”

I have heard and experienced many different forms of energy and acknowledge that I am a student of metaphysics and I never want to offend anyone who might be listening, and I also want to ensure my personal protection. So I always use the invocation above.

So, Step 3. Channel.

4. Energy Work

Our bodies are extraordinary machines. They act like a filing cabinet of our current and past lives on earth and in recent years I’ve dedicated much more time in understanding how energy works in my own body.

My mother is a reiki healer, so I have been aware of the power of energy for a long time, but my personal journey has been to learn how to process, release and receive energy in my own body.

It turns out that over the years I’ve become somewhat of a sponge; collecting everyone else’s energy! Now I have learnt how to clear my energy and release what no longer serves me.

This process has enabled me to receive energy in a completely new way.

I can now turn my hands on at will and heal myself and others which has been an incredible gift to acknowledge and receive.

Once you begin to work with energy in this way, new ideas, information and ways of being will come flooding in, so I invite you to explore this for yourself.

You could begin with a guided chakra meditation and start tuning into your body, truly listen to what it has to say.

This has been instrumental in the evolution of my consciousness. It may sound counter-intuitive to ‘slow down to speed up’ but this is exactly what you will discover.

So, Step 4. Do The Energy Work

5. Being Open

I have always been an open-minded person. I have the natural ability to see both sides of every situation so being open to Spirit was a natural progression for me.

One of the keys is being flexible to the ways in which you are receiving guidance, that is the only way your psychic abilities will expand.

As I’ve shared, I receive guidance through meditation, journaling and channeling.

Other people talk directly to their Spirit Guides, while others receive messages through signs, synchronicities etc.

The key is not to hold expectations around how the guidance will be delivered to you. Allow it to flow naturally as is best for you and be open and remember to ask to be shown.

So, Step 5. Be Open to Spirit and Ask to Be Shown

6. Follow Your Inspiration

Feeling and being inspired is the most powerful force on the planet.

Nothing can take away that feeling of inspiration, of pure joy, emotion and insight.

I recall years ago watching the movie ‘Field of Dreams’ and it spoke to me in ways that I’d never experienced before. It still brings tears to my eyes when I think about it.

A higher power spoke to me through that movie, and it still does.

It told me to have courage, persistence and faith and to believe in magic.

When you feel something so strongly there’s a reason for it. As they say in the movie “sometimes when you believe the impossible, the incredible comes true”.

So follow those tears of inspiration, whether they come from a movie, a book or hearing another person talk. That inner knowing is guiding you on your way.

So, Step 6. Follow Your Inspiration  

7. Stillness

If there is one single activity that leads to greater awareness, clarity, understanding, compassion, consciousness and purpose it would have to be stillness.

Developing the ability to sit quietly and become perfectly still on a regular basis can do more to enhance the quality of your life than any other activity I’ve shared above.

Seriously, don’t underestimate the power of stillness.

It’s perhaps the easiest yet the hardest technique of all, which is why I’ve saved it for last.

It’s not so easy to sit quietly in a room all by yourself when your mind is alert, awake and waiting for something to happen! As a result your body might become agitated through the process, but when you calm yourself down, well this is where the magic happens.

Start by setting aside some time on a regular basis to sit quietly with yourself, alone in a room with no noise, no disturbances, no distractions.

Spending 20, 40 or 60 minutes by yourself will clear your entire mind and give yourself a great sense of peace. Start by slowing down, breathing deeply, close your eyes and turn inwards.

This simple process of turning inwards creates the space in your life for the miraculous to occur.

Tune into you and you will be amazed at what happens!

So, Step 7. Tune into The Stillness

I’ve honestly experienced the most profound moments in my life by simply being in contact with my Being.  

It’s led to my greatest transformations, so I know when you dedicate yourself to these actions and practices, will find the answers to the spiritual purpose you’ve been looking for.

What Helps You Align To Your Spiritual Purpose?

So Spiritual Seekers, I want to hear from you. What are your favourite ways to feel connected to your spiritual purpose? Share a comment below if you feel called – you can trust that your words will help someone who needs them. Always.


  1. Skye MacFarlane on at 11:47 am

    So beautifully written and so very well timed Brooke. Over the years of our treasured friendship I have experienced your journey first hand and have been very privileged to benefit from your guidance as I too found moments in life where I was lost, burnt out and at odds with the world and what my true place in it was/is. As we all have more time at present in isolation, I hope many, many others will take time to embrace your words, thoughts and strategies above. I can speak from personal experience that I’ve never been happier or more fulfilled than in this new chapter of my life – no longer worrying about being what is expected by others, but embracing my ‘uniqueness’ and unique life journey on my terms. Liberating isn’t a strong enough description. Thank you for being you and for sharing your incredible spiritual gift. Much love always darling one. ❤️🙏❤️

    • Brooke on at 5:57 pm

      My eyes welled up when I saw that you had commented on my post and then the tears fell as I read your words. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me my darling friend and with everyone who reads this post – it means the world to me to know that my words have been received as intended. As I began writing I wanted to clearly explain for others the ways in which I moved through periods of great uncertainty and change. These tools literally saved my life! And I want to share that with everyone!

      We gain such power when we let go of the expectations of others and tune into the life we really want to live, you are the embodiment of that. Thank you for being you. Much love to you my wonderful friend, always. Bx

    • Lou Haynes on at 7:11 am

      I totally agree, it’s been so incredible having Brooke along my journey for all the much needed awakening reminders to read, and to know that all will be ok when the horrible times slowly move on once we allow them to. From childhood family friends, she is now my guiding star. Thank you. Sending love to 2 beautiful people that I have such happy fun memories with, even though we don’t see each other now you are both always in my heart. ❤️

      • Brooke on at 4:15 pm

        Thank you Lou for your beautiful, beautiful words. I’m honoured and delighted in equal measure! I am so thrilled to know that my words and wisdoms have found their way into your heart and soul. That’s the greatest gift I could hope for. Much love to you, now and always. X

  2. Lou Haynes on at 7:17 am

    I totally agree with Skye, it is incredible having Brooke’s awakening words to read as a reminder, to allow the difficult times to flow by when they are ready and that there is good throughout it all, if we allow it. From childhood family friends to adults, it’s been so special to now read your precious words, thank you for being a beautiful guiding star for so many of us, even if we don’t see one another (and Skye) you are always in my heart ❤️

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