Deep Transformational Coaching

For those who are moving through change and desire to live with greater clarity, purpose and fulfilment in life. 

Do you have a sense of your potential within?

Do you have a big dream, an extraordinary vision you want to manifest?

Do you have a connection to or an awareness of your spirit and soul?

Do you have the desire to live an inspired, meaningful life?

And are you ready to discover your true self and become the person you've always wanted to be?

If the life you're living no longer fulfils you

you’re ready for a transformation.

I work with...

People from all walks of life who have answered the call to become their most authentic self and live their life purposefully in the service of something much greater than themselves.

  • Leaders and Entrepreneurs who through the vehicle of business want to serve a higher purpose and make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Creatives and Visionaries who through their life work want to fulfil their calling and experience a meaningful life that contributes to something greater.
  • Coaches, Healers and Change Makers who are ready to step into their power, embrace their highest calling and contribute to healing and transforming the world around them.

My experience has been forged from both my own personal transformational journey and most recently as a Certified Deep Transformational Coach.

My approach might be a good fit for you if:

  • You’re ready to become more self-aware and are curious to explore what wants to emerge.
  • You’re drawn to personal and spiritual growth and development.
  • You’re open to experimenting with simple practices aimed at helping you become more in tune with yourself and gain clarity about what needs to shift.
  • You know you are here for something greater and you're ready to explore what this is.
  • You have a sense that to get unstuck you need encouragement, support and approaches that foster what wants to happen rather than focusing on the past and childhood experiences.
  • You long for a balance of being and doing.
  • Your ready to connect to your highest self.

From my own personal experience, I understand the journey of transformation and the desire to live more authentically. I've been where you are now and I know what it feels like to be working through deep inner change. You can experience every type of emotion from sadness and bewilderment to radical awareness, profound insight and everything in between.

Together we will foster the emergence of enlightened levels of being. Enabling you to rise high above your daily thoughts, release the past and connect to the inherent wisdom within.

Deep Transformational Coaching

(become the person you've always wanted to be)

Every single being on the planet has a unique and special gift that is meant to contribute in a meaningful way to the evolution and advancement of humanity. Sometimes it is through challenges, that our own gift makes its desire to be born, known.

From my own personal experience and from working with hundreds of clients over the years what often gets in the way of hearing it, is our busyness, the constant distractions of daily life, the limiting beliefs we hold, the stories of old hurts we continue to tell and the circumstances we face that feel overwhelming.

Fear takes us straight to our head for solutions. And when you are in a place of uncertainty and anxiety you need to be guided to think with your heart and then your head. Deep coaching takes you straight to the heart of your inner wisdom as a way of transformation. Here, is where you will find the answers you are seeking and the guidance you are searching for.

Today we are experiencing an unprecedented expansion of consciousness on the planet. During this time many people are hearing an inner call to step into a much higher version of who they are. They are beginning the journey of awakening. When you begin this journey it signals the beginning of a transformative period in your life. This is a time of unravelling, renewal and potentially rapid growth in understanding who you are, your purpose, your value and place in this world.

My primary role is to create a sacred, relaxed and safe environment in which your deepest and most wise Self can make its presence known; and through which you can create the transformation you desire.

When pain arises during a session it is not brushed away. It is treated with reverence as the wise messenger it is sharing important information for your next level of growth and evolution. As the saying goes, ‘what you resist persists’ until it is heard and tended to.

Ultimately deep coaching is about connecting you with the infinite side of your nature before taking action in the direction of your vision and dream. By attuning to what is trying to emerge through you, you can deliver the gift you came to share with the world.

With awareness being initiated from your heart and not your head, your transformation will generate a profound new way of living your life. You will fulfil your purpose, creating a life of meaning. You will experience joy, and a life of freedom ultimately becoming the person you were born to be.

Wherever you are on this journey, I can help.

Let's talk.

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Brooke has an incredible ability to hold a beautiful, trusting space that allows massive healing, breaking through blocks and getting to the core of self-limiting beliefs. Brooke has helped me process and heal deep wounds and break through decades of programming to help me live more authentically and fully. I've experienced many shifts in how I allow myself to be seen in both my personal and professional life, and how I show up for those I love and serve. If you are ready for major transformation and to go deeper than you've gone before, Brooke is your guide.
As a Certified Deep Transformational Coach trained in practical psychology, spiritual wisdom and consciousness studies I offer my clients powerful frameworks, models and methodologies, that expand my capacity to facilitate deep inner change.
The process of creating a life true to self means leaving our comfort zones and much of what we’ve known behind. Entering this unknown territory can be quite challenging and I’ve found it helpful to be accompanied by a guide. Brooke Alexander is an excellent guide for such a process. Her loving, present and intuitive way creates and holds a space where the truth can be revealed because it is safe to do so.
Working with Brooke is like turning the lights on in a dark room. From there, the necessary shifts in Being happen organically and as you are rendered forward your personal goals becomes not only possible but inevitable. If you're ready to experience a transformation, Brooke is your guide. 

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