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1. Why we struggle to change and evolve
2. What successful people know about transformation and change
3. The three criteria needed for any successful transformation

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The methodology I’m sharing today has been specifically designed to move your mind into a state of expanded awareness, where anything is possible. Embody it, and you’ll find that creating change is easier, taking inspired action feels natural, and setbacks no longer derail you. If you can imagine what it feels like to move through a vortex into another dimension, this is it.  Once experienced you’ll understand what truly is possible in your life and perhaps most importantly how to evolve consciously through it.

Since developing this framework I’ve moved through extraordinary transformation and growth in my own life. As have the students I’ve coached and mentored using the process. How you choose to use it is completely up to you. However, many have used it to evolve their career or business more consciously, and in doing so bring their own Higher Work to life. 

Before we begin, I think it’s important for you to understand why this framework is so powerful and why evolving is so important. Conscious evolution isn’t just important for you. It’s important for the world and everyone else around you.

Why this framework is so powerful

Right now, any single one of us could be experiencing mental or emotional anguish showing up as; Disconnection, loneliness, emptiness, inner conflict, dissatisfaction, stuck-ness, self-sabotage, destructive patterns, overwhelm, confusion, distraction, sadness, maybe even fear. 

The truth is you could be experiencing, a deep sense of purpose, meaning, connection, significance, deep connections, genuine and authentic relationships, authenticity, integrity, wholeness and maybe even love. 

But instead, you might be failing to prioritise yourself, placing other obligations or distractions ahead of your own wellbeing, resisting change, fearing the unknown or experiencing a deep fear of failure. And whether you’re conscious of it or not you’re simply staying in familiar but completely unfulfilling situations, because you think, feel, and believe it’s keeping you safe. 

The problem you’re facing right now

The problem is it’s your current state of self-awareness that’s holding you back and because of that you’re failing to recognise your own role in creating your reality each day, and therefore you’re repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Where to begin

So where do you begin?

There are many well-meaning therapists who use academically correct techniques to create a change of state in someone’s psyche and overall sense of Self. And while there is often a place for this type of connection and support, rarely does it provide the transformation and growth our minds and bodies need. In my experience and in that of my clients, ‘traditional talk therapy” doesn’t work. If it did, we wouldn’t have a global mental health crisis and a world where the cure for depression and anxiety is but a pill away. Never in the history of the world has a ‘one size fit’s all approach’ worked, to heal someone’s psyche or give them the tools they need to change, transform and move forward in life.

What you need

  1. Direction
  2. Connection
  3. Alignment

To create a shift in being and an expanded state of awareness, the prerequisites of any form of personal or professional growth the attributes of direction, connection and alignment must be met in the relationship between the transformer and the transformee and secondly between the transformee and the transformation.

Let me explain.    

In any positive experience of transformation or evolutionary growth a relationship between two people is formed. In my work I refer to myself as the transformer and my client or student as the transformee.

For that relationship to be a success and for a transformation to occur the transformee must experience, direction, connection, and alignment in the process. And they must experience it in two ways. Extrinsically in the working relationship and intrinsically in themselves. Only when the transformee moves from the intellectualisation of the idea to the embodiment of it can transformation or evolution occur.

And it’s the embodiment piece that’s the hardest. In a world of instant gratification moving from the extrinsic world to the intrinsic one is the missing piece. We need to learn how to come back to our Selves because this is where all evolution and transformation takes place.

When it comes to navigating the transformational journey by your Self, direction comes from your outer self, connection comes from your inner self and alignment comes through your Higher Self. 

Now depending on your journey in life you may be familiar with these terms and three aspects of Self. You might even have begun to explore the nature of your Inner and Higher Self through deep meditation or hypnosis, however the secret to evolving consciously isn’t just about becoming aware of the existence of your Higher Self it’s about coming into direct alignment with it.

Because when you come into alignment with your Higher Self that’s how you activate your highest potential and it occurs through the awareness, understanding and alignment of the three selves, or what I call the Self Matrix™.

Introducing the Self Matrix™

In my signature program Higher Pathways, we use the Self Matrix™ to uncover your Higher Work. Together we work through all the challenges and problems that Conscious Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Professionals face when it comes to finding and embracing their highest potential and true purpose in life. 

While I thoroughly support the existence of all types of therapies it is only through the awareness, understanding and integration of the Self Matrix™ that true evolutionary transformation and growth can occur.

What to do next…

When you understand how to come into alignment with your most evolutionary Self through the Self Matrix™ doors open where there were never doors before and your whole perspective on life shifts its axis.

If you’re looking for how to create a more fulfilling career, want to understand how to position your experience or expertise for more commercial success, align to your unique skills and talents or simply want to know how to value what you do so that others do, then Higher Pathways has been designed specifically for you. 

We all have a unique purpose, a reason for being here, it’s just that sometimes in the pursuit of our careers we lose sight of that fundamental connection to our actual purpose and what our unique contribution is meant to be in this life.

Higher Pathway shows you how to find your direction, connect to your unique skills and talents and come into alignment with your specific calling in this lifetime.

If you’re curious to know more, download a copy of my Free Masterclass Evolve and find the work you were meant to do in this lifetime and evolve your life and career more consciously.


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