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Hi, I'm Brooke.
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Yesterday morning I woke to the news that a dear friend and past client had passed away. He was just 53 when he died in the early hours of yesterday morning in Los Angeles, California after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of colorectal cancer in May. It was his wish to remain private about his fight so it came as a huge shock to discover this sad news via Facebook.
“After the initial shock and stages of grief, he approached his illness with an incredible spirit of acceptance and even fascination, while fighting it every step of the way. His prognosis was a few months, but he fought for as long as he could”.
I met this beautiful soul over a decade ago and was inspired and intrigued by his life’s work. A gentle human, with huge intelligence possessing wisdom from another time. He was born both a Guide and Teacher but he struggled to share his work in a way that mainstream media could champion. I have my personal beliefs as to why he was unable to share his message in this way, however we each have our own journey here on earth and we must honour each journey individually. Like many of us his journey was one of resistance.
So my question is what are you resisting in your life? 
When you are pursuing a life of purpose resistance will show up in many different ways. As you grow and experience life,  inner awareness will give way to an outer knowing that you are here for something more something greater. As a young 20-something professional I was desperate to “have my s..t together!” I wanted to know what I was meant for, my reason for being, my raison d’être! But what I was actually doing was resisting life.
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The message I received this morning after the news of my friends sudden passing was the power resistance has over our lives. 
The problem is that many of us allow contaminants of the outside world to permeate our daily thoughts. Which disturbs their inner wisdom and disables them from seeing and experiencing their own value. Not recognising that you are valuable as a person due to your own unique talents and personality is a sign of low self-esteem. A lack of self-love is the root of depression and a major source of stress and resistance. 
The constant noise from our screens, from the T.V. to the iPad and iPhone create a disconnection between our hearts and heads. The more were are connected to this outer world the more we remain disconnected from ourselves. This constant external pressure causes untold damage to our psyche and for many the pain of never quite recognising their worth outweighs the pleasure of seeking that much longed for change and direction. Of stopping the resistance and living a purpose-filled life.
[clickToTweet tweet=”Each of us has a choice as to how we live our lives here on planet earth. Stop resisting, start living.” quote=”Each of us has a choice as to how we live our lives here on planet earth. Stop resisting, start living.”]
Each of us has a choice as to how we will live. Earth is a planet of free-will after all however for those of us who want to serve a higher purpose while we are here, here are 5 signs that you need to stop resisting in order to live a soul-led life. 
1. You are driven by an inner feeling, a calling to be of service (even if you don’t know what that looks like yet)
2. You experience flashes of inspiration. Tears well-up in your eyes and your skin tingles when you experience an alignment of service.

3. You don’t feel like you fit in your current role. People who are here to serve a higher purpose are givers. If you are in a role where there is a lot of taking, but not much giving you will feel conflicted. As a human being here to serve a higher purpose, your sense of injustice is heightened when you feel the balance is too heavily skewed one way.

4. You are empathetic and compassionate. You are naturally kind and there is never a need for anyone to reciprocate. You are content with just helping those who need help. You recognise the power of words and actions.

5. The universe is sending you repeated signs that you need to move in a new direction. (Like this post)

Signs often come when we aren’t seeking them. If you are here to serve a higher purpose, you can be sure that the universe has been trying to tell you to get busy and develop your gift.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Signs from the universe often come when we aren’t seeking them. ” quote=”Signs from the universe often come when we aren’t seeking them. “]

Signs can be dreams, sounds, sights, experiences, memories, or words on a page that bring up positive emotions in you, like the ones that you are reading now. Listening to the world around you as you sit quietly is the best way to receive the message that the universe is sending you about your calling.

Remember the world needs you more than you know. So make sure you come back to your heart and keep moving forward. Set the intention for the clarity to come and I promise you it will.

Now I would love to hear from you. What is the one thing you can do today to stop resisting the life that is waiting for you? Do you need to change your diet? Go to bed earlier? Take a walk outside? Work with a coach? Please share it with me in the comments below.

Thank you so much for being here. I am thrilled that we are on this journey together.



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  1. Caleb Bell says:

    Hey Brooke, my name is Caleb Bell and I’m 24 years old. I am literally sitting on my mothers couch right now. I’m not feeling so great today. I haven’t been feeling great for a couple of weeks. Which isn’t like me at all. I’m usually driven by passion of just being alive that pretty much it. I worked very hard when I was younger but I didn’t feel happy at all. I was working at Disney Junior writing scripts where all of a sudden I here a voice which is supposed to be my Higher Self. Now I don’t really listen to voices but I felt very happy and inspired to be, just by being. I was told through dreams, visions and by my experiences that I’m here to help women feel awesome in their lives. To feel like they can make any type of difference they wish to have in their lives. I felt so happy to try and do this. I had an inner feeling to quit my jobs and do what I feel my calling is. Help women by showing them they can make a difference in their lives. It blew up in my face to where I am so sad and fighting with a small bout of depression. What makes me sad the most is that I still feel that this is my calling and it won’t go away. It’s like even though everything in my life is falling apart I have to continue in what I am here to do. I feel it in my heart. So thank you for writing this article. I feel like I’ll be getting up again soon to try again. Why? I have no idea. I probably look crazy or sound crazy for having such a calling. Oh well i guess. At least I feel like I’m just love who is just a little frustrated at a certain predicament.

    • Brooke says:

      Hey Caleb,

      I am thrilled that you found and have not only taken the time to read this post but to also share your thoughts as well. Thank you 🙂 Choosing to follow your heart and purpose takes courage and persistence so please don’t be disheartened by what you are currently experiencing. Sometimes we need to take a small step backward in order to move forward and not everyone around us will understand our actions. But my question to you is – what are you doing to increase self-care in your life? Going for a walk, moving your body to music, eating nourishing food is a very small but tangible way you can take a step forward. And then from here you will be able to take another step and another. There are wonderful things you can do to move your current state of being but my highest recommendation would be to meditate and journal. Allow your thoughts and feelings to rise to the surface and as they do you will clear the inner resistance you are currently experiencing. I’m sure you’re here to do great things Caleb. Take a breath and then start again. The world needs you more than you know. Best wishes, Brooke.

  2. John ramirez says:

    I am not a woman. I woke up trying to understand my life. My core my reason foe being here. A great person in my life has passed. She aspired to help others as therapist earning her masters degree as a single parent. She died at 71, an irish rose. Her list of achievements a mille long. My heart weeps as im texting you this. She wondered if her actions made a significant difference in this world. I shared that with her as we fought together. If we just help each other in our own way this world will be a beutiful place regardless of the difficulties we encounter. Low self esteem and not having a defined direction path to head in she plowed threw adversities. She did her job not fully knowing what an inspiring angel she was. I hope she knows now that. She saw something in me. The lost child not knowing why im here but a desire to help others in my own way. Frustrated and not knowing why i was born her i carry knowing this. I am enough and she knew that me. I just hope she know that abought her self now. It is difficult to live in a world in so much need not knowing who you are and weather your life made a difference. I am 61 and carry on wondering too at times wondering what this world is and wondering did i make a substantial difference.. i think i have and still do looking back but rediscovering the miracle of life from a different perspective. It is not so much as what you in life but having the change to live that’s important.

    • Brooke says:

      John, sending much love to you. You are such an awake and aware soul. When someone we love passes it causes deep pain on the physical plane we call earth. But this spirit is still with you, you know this deep within your heart so treasure the memories, know that your life makes a difference. Life is difficult, but you have the courage and the persistence to follow your soul path. Keep safe on your journey. With love, Brooke

  3. Sheila Winters says:

    Extremely insightful…. Seeing your thoughts come from another can be baffling. BUT, i hear my ‘heartbeat’ in this article. I was born to serve, but it appears I’m wading in the ‘pool of the aging process’. I look back on my life, having served as a ‘CHILDREN’S Pastor ‘ in two different cities in my lifetime and now it seems the aging process which is ‘natural ‘ is causing me to ‘mark time’… That’s not bearing the ‘fruit’ i was placed here to yield. It appears I have come to a ‘standstill’… that affords me to waste precious time. MARKING TIME is NOT WHAT I AM HERE FOR. My fervent prayer has ALWAYS BEEN…’ i MUST FULFILL THE REASON THAT ‘GOD’ BIRTHED me TO COMPLETE. At present, i don’t feel like that has bern accomplished.
    Thank you for your ‘insightful ‘ article… IT IS & WAS A BLESSING

  4. mart says:

    I have pondered why the heck was I even born on a few occasions.
    My dad told me when I was 9 that IO ruined his life when I was born, and I ruined his marriage. He didn’t want me and let me knowit
    My mom, well she wanted a boy..sorry I had no control of that
    Ny two older brothers could have cared less about me growing up and did all kinds of hurtful things in the name of sibling rivalry. But the worst was letting their, 2 of their friends that lived across the street, pick me up pull down my pants and spank me..infront of them..they never told them to stop. I met and married my husband basically to get out of the escape a nightmare only to get into another one..sexually and psychololically , very controlling abusive man. {utting up with it for 19 yrs. After the divorce I raise our three girls and worked 4 jobs doing the best I could. Putting myself thru nursing school without any help or support.
    My mom would cut coupons for my brother and sister in law who worked very good wasn’t offered even a cup of coffees
    I had to face my girls with sometimes no food i the kitchen. They were hungry..nothing worse then not having food for your children
    I made 50$ too much for food stamps..We were given food baskets from the church during the holidays.. We lived on potatoes for awhile.
    My girls grew up very competive and jealous of each other. My oldes was born with some brain damage, mly second was very intelligent but severely asthmatic..The two older ones were alwasy fighting,
    As adults they hate each other..abnd will not even be in the same room with each other. My youngest refuses to let her older sister even meet her dtr. This hurts tremendously. I have baled these girls out all their lives .I had to pay off the oldest one’s college tuition.60,000 ..she defaulted on her loans ,sinking my credit into the sewer ..She felt I deserved it. My mliddle dtr became disables and I had to pay off her college loans too..another 60,000, Again I had to remortgage the house. My mom died and my middle brother had me written out of the will, with full knowlege of my oldest brother..he did nothing about it. The money wasn’t the issue..He never stood up for me because he didn’t want to lose his . My sister in law died a year ago. At the funeral no one even talked to me..I am the black sheep for sure. Even my dtr(son) who was with me said wow..why are they treating you so bad
    I’m now working 2 full time jobs to make enough money to pay for all this.
    My youngest had moved to florida and I wanted to be a more hands on nana so I transferred to florida, selling my house and leaving all my things behind, Well, that was a disaster. I bought a house, was taken for 50 grand by a local, contractor, dealing with so much..the house (the 2 moves), horrible horrible stress at work, but because of all the stress developed a heart issue .. Ending with me selling my florida home and returning back home. Since back tried 20 times so far to buy a house without success. It’s now Thanksgiving and My family didnt even invite me to any of the dinners. My second daughter has become my “son” and wants to hang out with his friends..I have been the fifth wheel all my life..I tell my kids I love them every chance I get, not one ever says it back
    So, her I am ..alone again for another holiday wondering was never born or trying to understand why I was. I try had to be a good mom, nana and friend.

  5. Adrian Cooke says:

    As a guy one question I would like to ask is why this kind of material is always directed at women rather than men: for example the opening illustration is almost always of a woman rather than a man. In fact men need help more than women do but get less.

    • Brooke says:

      Adrian, Thank you for making this comment. Over the years since this post was originally written, I’ve shifted my thinking around this and I agree. The challenge I see is perhaps there is a kinship between male to male and female to female. And predominantly women (I think) have felt more comfortable sharing in a sister-to-sister way as do a lot of male coaches I know who primarily work brother-to-brother, man-to-man. I think this comes down to personal preference. I in fact work with both men and women so you will see that while some of my images are skewed to the female psyche … I hope that the other interviews on this site, reference men doing powerful and wonderful things help to alleviate this imbalance.

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