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Do you dream about creating a business that serves humanity? That makes a difference? That fulfils you? If so, you’re not alone — it’s one of the most common aspirations I see in the clients I work with. This desire appears in many ways — feeling frustrated with your work, or disillusioned with past efforts. Never quite feeling fulfilled or satisfied. A niggling feeling that something isn’t quite right.

Regardless of how these feelings present in your life. They are living proof that your inner wisdom is trying to tell you something. The voice of inspiration doesn’t whisper sweet nothings in your ear. It calls out to you, nudging you, reminding you that you are here for a bigger purpose.

The truth is that until you acknowledge that a ‘business upgrade’ is available for you, you’ll keep running the same old system. Stuck in the belief that it works when deep down you know it doesn’t. Sound familiar?

If you’re nodding your head right now in recognition – knowing that it’s time for things to change. You’re in the right place. All entrepreneurs go through periods of change – it’s called growth. In fact the greatest entrepreneurial success stories come from this place and your desire to to do things differently and it all starts by listening to your intuition.

Here’s a simple framework to help you access your inner wisdom and conquer your desire to serve a higher purpose in business and life.

1. Become aware of what your intuition is saying to you.

All of us are connected to our intuition however we allow the physical world of distractions to occupy our thoughts. Learning how to turn inwards is one of the most powerful ways you can connect to your inner vision. If you are feeling a lack of clarity or certainty around a situation tune in and allow yourself to become inwardly focussed. As you begin to feel an inner connection ask the question for which you are seeking an answer. Don’t judge yourself. Simply allow the different thoughts to arise in your mind and remind yourself that you have the ability to access the inner solution to the problem or challenge you are facing.

We all have the ability to connect to our higher selves, however few people claim to have the time or patience to turn inwards. If you truly desire to serve a higher purpose on earth this is the connection you must make – and the best results occur from practising daily.  And don’t be aren’t afraid to ask yourself the big questions – the ones you know will make the biggest difference in your life.

We are constantly receiving messages from our internal guide. Those feelings, nudges, goose bumps and a-ha’s are happening for a reason but are you acting upon them? Over time our internal guide get’s bored when we refuse to listen. Ever been listening to Pandora and then suddenly realised the music isn’t playing anymore? The same thing happens to our inner wisdom.  When we stop paying attention to it, it stops talking to us.

Once you become aware of what your intuition is telling you, please act on it! I can’t tell you the number of times when people second guess themselves out of an exciting opportunity or occasion. We all have fears that show up in a variety of different ways – the key to overcoming those fears is to keep listening and acting upon your own internal GPS. Once you access this internal wisdom you will be amazed at the difference and certainty you will have in your life. Your inner critic loses power when you turn down the volume of your ego and turn up the volume of your soul.

2. Chart your course.

If there is one thing that I am always telling my clients, it’s this. Please write down your vision for your business and life and remind yourself as often as you can. When you are on the path to serving a higher purpose it’s imperative that you chart your own course. They only way you can do this is by writing it down. Planning is what turns the invisible into the visible.

Schedule planning time into your digital calendar every week, month and year. I promise you it will make an astronomical impact in your life and business.

3. Hold your position.

There will be times when well meaning friends and mentors steer you off course. It happened to me very early in my speaking career. And while I believe that there are no mistakes in life only opportunities for growth, had I maintained a daily relationship with my higher self I wouldn’t have ventured so far off course.

The truth is we are all on our own path – all you need to do is hold your position on that path. Which can be challenging at the best of times. Certainty of purpose comes when you formally presence the vision for your life and not everyone will agree with you or hold your vision – why would they? It’s your vision after all. Your ability to maintain your position comes from aligning your soul’s purpose with the needs of the others.

4. Gather evidence.

Look around for evidence of how others have bought their vision to life. On this site you will find incredible interviews and stories of entrepreneurs serving a higher purpose. From entrepreneurs building recycling revolutions to impact entrepreneurs creating massive social campaigns. From personal stories of triumph and struggle to global visions of stillness and peace.

Surround yourself with inspiration, encouragement, support and empowerment. Make a list of people that truly inspire you and research them, follow them on social media, see what they are doing and how they are impacting others in a positive way. You will be amazed at the growing number of entrepreneurs and businesses that exist to serve a higher purpose and the success that they are accumulating along the way.

Having this kind of evidence in your arsenal is a powerful antidote next time your ego strays into fear based thoughts or you experience a negative charge associated with your vision for your life.

5. Make contact

I can honestly say that as I soon as I began sharing the vision of Your Legacy Project doors opened where they had never opened before. As I shared my desire and intention to change the way we see life and business others saw how their lives could be empowered by this new way of thinking and they offered their help – instantly.

6. Manage your emotions.

Manage your emotions, or they will manage you. Every time you enter an emotional state, you emit either a positive or negative charge. When you are negative you attract more negative energy. When you are positive you attract more positive energy. The key is to learn how to balance these charges so that you are the master of your emotions. The secret is being able to see both sides simultaneously.

When you are able to look at a situation or circumstance and see both sides of the equation you are in balance and you enter a powerful state of being. In essence you rise above the circumstance or situation and in this state the perceived emotion loses it’s charge or control over your thoughts.

If you truly desire to live a life of great purpose, wisdom and meaning you must integrate this fundamental law into your life.

7. Stretch outside your comfort zone.

The next step is to move beyond your current comfort zone. Take small steps at first if you don’t feel you can make a quantum leap. Send an email, read an inspirational book, download a great podcast. The key here is to do something that will move you closer to your goal.

I always suggest to my clients to list the 6 highest priorities in their day – and schedule them, daily. These are the steps that are going to move you closer towards your goal. And remember people who are leaders in their field will respect you for reaching out to them. They were once in your position and are more than likely to give you the support and encouragement you need, because they will feel the desire and willingness within you to make a difference in the world. They will see themselves in you.

This framework for accessing your higher purpose and activating it in your business and life is incredibly effective. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It has completely revolutionised my life and business and it can also do it for you – all you need to do is start implementing these ideas into your daily life.

Remember the world needs that unique and special talent that you have. So launch your dream business, idea, product or project. Set your intention for it to serve a higher purpose and doors will open where there were never doors before!  

Now I would love to hear from you. What is the one thing you are going to do today that can take you one step closer to your higher purpose? Share with me in the comments below.

Thank you so much for being here. I am thrilled that we are on this journey together. 




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  1. With my current levels of energy being low after illness, I’m settling for scheduling just one or two things a day. Today, for example, I’m continuing to work on writing a cover letter to Scholastic in the hope that they’ll pick up my first self-published children’s book for their book fairs in 2017, plus sorting out some issues with storage. If I have the energy, I’ll prepare to do some illustrations for my next book.

    Blowing my own trumpet has always been hard for me, but I’m lucky to have attracted the attention of some truly amazing people simply by putting good energy out there in other pursuits – and one of those people is helping me in a big way by guiding me on how to attract positive attention from distributors. Never think that good energy is wasted. It comes back in ways we don’t expect.

    • Brooke says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I think we all underestimate the flow of energy when it comes to putting our work out into the world. When you come from a place of service with an intention to truly help others, you attract like minded people who share in your vision. This is not to say that we wont have up and down days, we all do. From my experience the trick is to keep moving forward, immersed in the knowledge that your work serves another and the support will come in expected and completely unexpected ways. 🙂

      PS. Thank you for being the first to comment on this post. x

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