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Hi, I'm Brooke.
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Last weekend while visiting my family in the country, I was called ‘A Healer.’

To be honest I’ve never actually thought of myself as a traditional healer. But the comment made me stop and think about the work I do on the planet with my clients. Upon deeper reflection, I thought yes! I am a healer. And if you’re reading this chances are you are too.

But what does it mean to be a healer and more importantly how can you recognise if you are?

Being a healer means different things to different people, but when you acknowledge that every human being on the planet has the potential to be one the definition takes on a whole new meaning. Let me explain.

In ancient cultures, wisdom was shared from generation to generation enabling rituals and healings to be conducted when necessary. In the last 500 years, humanity has lost it’s connection to healing and this is why in recent years it has had such a resurgence on the planet.

From meditation and mindfulness to wellbeing and wellness there is a deep human need to feel emotionally balanced, spiritually connected, physically healthy and mentally astute. Finally after centuries of neglect we are remembering what our ancestors always knew. We need to align our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies – with ourselves and the planet. Otherwise, dis-ease will manifest. Cue cancer, depression, anxiety, obesity etc and climate change, global warming, toxicity and poverty will continue to co-exist.

We need to align of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. With ourselves and the planet.

In the Western world, this is WHY we have so many people suffering – from mental health to auto-immunities. History shows that humanity has forgotten how to heal itself so the time has come for all of us to remember.

In recent years many people have begun to feel out of place in their chosen careers. This is because they are remembering. Women are starting to rise again as natural healers in the modern world. This is not to say that men cannot be healers – of course they can! But first they need to be inspired and their inspiration will come from, women. But not just any woman. They will be inspired by the woman who has embraced her femininity and is leading from within.

So are you a healer? Here are 10 signs that you are and it’s probably time for you to serve a higher purpose here on earth.

1. You know that you are meant to engage and participate in the global shift in consciousness. You feel it pulling you, like a magnet, towards a leadership role that will help transform human consciousness and the evolution of the planet.

2. You’ve experienced difficult challenges which have prepared you for this work. In indigenous cultures, the village knew who the ‘shaman’ was because he or she was struck by lightning and survived. In modern culture, you may not literally be struck by lightning, but you may have survived some other life or incredibly stressful ordeal. You may have experienced childhood abuse, sexual violence, a near-death experience, or some other trauma that forged you into the healer you are.

3. You are an introvert. Healers are multidimensional beings who dance between worlds. So at times you may find you have a hard time navigating life, which causes you to withdraw yourself from society so you can be present to other levels of consciousness and find your emotional home.

4. You are a biophile. Healers have a strong affinity for life and all living organisms.They are natural translators of information so you will feel most alive when surrounded by the natural world. 

5. Physical ailments that fall under difficult-to-treat categories. Think chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme disease, chronic pain disorders, and autoimmune disorders. From my own personal experience as a Healer, it wasn’t until accepted my calling that my Scleroderma began to subside. Acceptance of your call to serve a higher purpose often resolves the symptoms of your sickness. If you’re suffering from one of these illnesses, ask yourself, “Am I a healer who hasn’t said yes to my calling yet?”

6. A born misfit. You’ve always felt like you don’t quite belong here on earth. In ancient times healers tended to live on the outskirts of a village for a reason – they’re not like the others! But you DO fit in and your role is essential.

7. You are a trusted advisor. You’re the person people turn to for comfort. Problem-solving, wisdom and solutions are your speciality and you’ve been told more than once that you are ‘wise beyond your years.’

8. Energy collects in your hands. Your hands and palms often feel tingly – pins and needles, buzzing, throbbing, vibrating, or pulsating reminding you of your natural healing abilities.

9. You are an empath. You feel EVERYTHING around you often need to take time out to recalibrate and re-energize your body, mind and soul.

10. You know you’re meant for something greater. Healers have a great vision for their life. They have clear boundaries and are willing to the do the work when they are inspired. The secret to bringing your calling to life is to know where and when you feel inspired, empowered, engaged and motivated to bring your unique gifts and talents to life.

So are you a healer? Remember the world needs you more than you know. So make sure you take a moment to absorb all that you have read in this post and start to think differently about your life and role on planet earth.

Now I would love to hear from you. Which of these signs resonate in your life? Are you an empath, suffered a chronic disease? Do you feel like a misfit? Please share it with me in the comments below.

If you are ready to step up and claim your highest purpose through your work as a healer, then Higher Work is for you. 

Thank you so much for being here. I am thrilled that we are on this journey together, now I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Her says:

    I always thought I was just way too kind. Had enormous self confidence problems since the beginning of elementary school basically until university graduation. People often came to me as I was a shoulder to cry on. Throughout primary and secondary education I never considered myself of being worthy to do so to others as well. I do admit innerly competing with other people due to my incredibly low self confidence and therefore was alone with no friends a lot, because I always thought of myself either worse or better than others. I am still learning and I will always be. This situation still comes back again and again to me. People come to me to be listened. Especially men. I do not mind it as I feel flattered and have, on the other hand, my own fantastic friends who support me, but it’s always the same scenario. They return to me, as if I am a magnet on desperate men. They come, talk, pitty themselves, some cry, leave, move on, become happy again and always remember me. As time flew, I have learnt not to take what they are saying personally and to tell them honestly my opinion if they ask for it. Nowadays I even give them my best advice and then free myself from them. (Unnecessary to say my love life is zero) When I finally put away my ego (took me long enough, I am 22) and accepted not being special, I hear that I am different a lot. Not only from men. That I am a mom, a hopeless romantic, strong, way too kind, but most importantly, special, different. I do not care what people think of me (anymore), but my friends always tell me STOP being such a listening ear. I can’t just help myself though.
    I am not sure whether to take this article seriously, but have to admit that I always did try to make everyone around me good, feel safe, feel loved even without considering that maybe they do want to be like this.
    I know my mistakes and I have forgiven myself all of them. I know I will make more. We all will.
    Unbelievably, all the points above perfectly fit with my life and personality. [1] I would move mountains for other people, even strangers. [2] I know dealing with different cultures as have lived abroad one year in total. [3] Still looking for myself, but definitely a 100 % introvert even though I don’t mind being around people that much. I am still young, still adaptable, but may I choose… As a hopeless romantic, I would rather spend an evening dancing barefoot outside, watching stars and singing alone than heavy drinking and partying with other 200 anonyms. [4] Flowers, flowers, flowers. Hugging trees. Talking to dogs, Playing in snow. Dancing in the sand. Collecting leaves. More often barefoot, the better. Watching stars. Do I need to say more? [5] No long term disease I know of, but a severe brain injury which changed my life and got me here. [6] Yes. Just… Yes. I love my family, my friends, my life, but, let me run away to the wild countryside, set me free, let me draw in the sand, sing and dance barefoot. I already did it. Few times. It was my energy charger. [7] Already said. [8] Unfortunately, I never considered this therefore never have focused on any vibes. [9] I know I am and have always been. When I tried to do differently, it always crashed. [10] I refuse to believe being better or special or above others, but I never stop believing in the good in people. Even in those who crushed my heart, tore it into the pieces. Perhaps I am just at a crossroad of my life, but has someone allowed me to screw up university, pick up my bags and go, I would do it. I would go to India, teach children to read, run through a rainforest, heal injured animals, disappear in the see, talk to dolphins, just escape the reality.
    May someone read this, I am not unhappy with my life. With any aspect of my life. I love it and I love the world around. I do believe in kindness deep down in everybody. But then again, may anyone read this, am I a healer? What shall I do then?
    Thank you for this article.

    • Brooke says:

      Lovely Juliet, Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. We are all on such similar but different life paths aren’t we? My question to you is do you believe you are a healer? We create our reality with our thoughts and beliefs. So I would suggest to you that you explore your inner world more deeply. Journal, meditate and allow yourself to hear and see and feel the messages from the universe. I truly believe the signs are everywhere – you just need to go looking for them. Sending you love, Brooke X

      • Evgenia Martinova says:

        Hi , I am a healer too, I match 10/10 except the first two lines from number 7 .

        I heal with my hands , I also was told an ancient prayer from my great grandma- prayer for person traumatised with fear.

        I was traumatised with fear when my step dad had seizure fro the first time, I was 8 and he turn the dinning table on top on me rolling his eyes, then I saw him half conscious praying to the Virgin Mary ,, I was having nightmares for long time and in the summer my mother took me to my grandmother to do the prayer for me. I was 8 -9 remember the magic and the way she gave me the prayer. I do it now to myself if I get situations where I was traumatised with fear.

        I now worked it all out, I bless everything I touch and I bless everyone I see.

        I pray and attend church , I am vegan and empath and mother of a beautiful girl she is one year old and boy 12 years old who is separated from me but we are in touch of course and I know that god is watching over him for me

        So I do the healing and god is pleased with my work on earth. I won’t get sad if I get to live in my shitty town to the rest of my life because I know people need healing ❤️????????????

    • Praise God… I can relate to everything you wrote. My father was a healer and my mom is an empath. But unfortunately, they didn’t teach me anything about my gifts so out of fear they kept me blinded. Today, I’m really struggling to find supportive people or even my tribe. Often times, I feel so alone, and I find it hard to sleep, eat and I’m very emotional. …. And to top it off, I’m having a spiritual awakening right now! I feel a bit crazy, I don’t know, I guess it’s that time and I need all the help I can get! Thank you! God Bless… Bellamarie ????????❤????????

      • LATINA WALTON says:

        Hello Bellamarie, I know your post is over a year old, but I was wondering if you made it through your Spiritual Awakening? I hope you have because I recently went through mine and it was very hard, but now, I can honestly say that everything I went through and overcame was worth this enlightenment. Keep going…it’s ok o talk to a therapist or a spiritual guide. Be Blessed.

      • Valentin says:

        Hi Bellamarie i ama healer too and i too am struggling with finding likewise people i do meditate and i highly recomend that ou too start to meditate as well. If you want to you can write to me and i gladly will answer your email. Cheers from a healer in sweden

  2. Stephanie says:

    Good morning

    My name is Stephanie from Swaziland,Africa. I have been constantly pushed into a box by the people around me. Be it my partner, boss etc. I have been told that I am not able to read. In words of my boyfriend. ‘He has never dealt’ with a person like me. None of his ex-girlfriends have made him feel as challenged (negatively according to him)

    I am a firm believer that I am a compassionate and hardworking person and I noticed at least 5 of the qualities you have mentioned within myself. I even experienced a ‘near death’ experience last year and heard really weird words coming from who I thought was God.

    Even as I type, I was called aside by my co-worker who says my superior is not happy that i am employed there.

    I honestly feel like I am being attacked by people of superiority because they ‘may’ see in me what I see in myself and thats a ‘higher purpose’.

    Please let me know what you think

    Thank you for your time

    • Brooke says:

      Hi Stephanie, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. It sounds like you are a powerful female leader and you are now beginning to acknowledge and recognise this inner power of yours. Tell me have you done any inner work like meditation to help bring about greater clarity and insight? I’d love to know. Brooke X

    • Angel Eyes says:

      Hi Brooke,
      I found this reading to be very insightful and I related to basically every single one of those, especially not feeling like i fit in, i am an empath, and I have an appreciation for all life. I am only 23 (2 momths away from 24) and I feel this is my true calling to be a healer of some sort. I pray as I time goes on the answer will come to me.

      • Aspen Silvis says:

        I found out that I might be a healer yesterday, yesterday I was so lost, and disappointed. Because it felt like I didn’t belong in this world, and that I had no purpose in life, I was also struggling with what I want to be in the future and what I want to do. I always hoped I was something spiritual, something different, I could never accept the fact I was a normal being in this huge universe. That day I was doing a tarot card reading when the girl said, your a healer, and your going through transformation, thats when I searched up, ‘signs your a healer’ and it just so happens i resonate very much!

  3. Kimberly says:

    Is it possible to have the gift of healing but instead of being a empath, the ability to feel could one be the opposite and have an inability to feel or perhaps painful events and losses through life has caused a person to supress their ability to feel?

    • Brooke says:

      Absolutely Kimberly! Our beautiful brains are so powerful and will keep us safe from perceived danger. I have experienced this myself! It’s taken me a long time to recognise and respect the healer within. She was active from a very young age! And as such over time she closed down this part of herself to protect herself from more pain and suffering and sadness. I also want to apologise for not replying to you sooner. Your comment along with a few others slipped through the cracks so I am sorry. I would like to find out more about you and the journey you’ve been on so will contact you via your email supplied. Best wishes, Brooke X

  4. Lizz says:

    Hi, I believe the universe brought me to this website to read this article. I remember as a teenager my grandmother who is very religious would tell me that my spiritual gift was “healing” she would have my put my hands on her and pray and I would do it because she asked but I never really beloved it, I never connected with Christianity or any religion. Now for the last year I have been on my spiritual journey and I believe that I am a healer! My goal is to become a school counselor something I know forever was what I was meant to do. I was diagnosed with Scleroderma and Raynaud’s disease which is crazy when I read your article because it’s so rare!

    • Brooke says:

      Dear Lizz, Thank you so much for your message. I do want to apologise that I did not reply to your comment sooner. I’m not sure how it slipped through the cracks. I have been on my own continuing health journey for the last few years so I understand your diagnosis and the challenges that come with managing our health. I’d love to reach out to you personally so will contact you via your email supplied and hopefully you can share with me more of your journey! Best wishes, Brooke X

  5. Emily Mayes says:

    I have felt misplaced for years, travelling, living and working in other countries and trying to find my way. Yoga and Meditation almost gave me the answers, but something didn’t quite stick.

    I’ve been diagnosed with epilepsy recently and have been struggling to understand why. Why now? Why me? What does it mean? For over 10 years I have known there is more to life that its base value. There is so much energy and magic around us, I knew I was supposed to be part of something more. But recently, I have been doubting myself after feeling so displaced, suicidal and alone; without connection or anyone to speak to about my ‘Truth’.

    I just watched a film called ‘The Healer’ which I naturally felt drawn to… and then I typed, ‘how do you know if you’re a healer’ into google and I clicked on the first link which was your website. I read all of the 10 signs and I resonate with all of them.

    So what’s next? Where do I go from here?

    • Brooke says:

      Hi Emily,

      Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason – especially the things we can’t explain or initially understand. It sounds like you’ve been on quite a journey – like all of us who are healers. From my experience tuning into your inner world and asking to be shown the way is one of the most powerful actions, we can take. And we need to follow the crumbs, be open to the signs and synchronicities that move us forward. Especially the things that make us feel alive. To be able to guide you further it would be wonderful to find out more about you. I will contact you via your email supplied! Brooke X

  6. Darren Woods says:

    Hi there ime Darren just gone threw the 10 things to see what it says about being a healer 4 of these really stand out to me but it’s not just what I’ve read it’s what I’ve seen and witnest over the last year for me I would really like to talk to a professional healer over the phone if any body could that would be great many thanks Darren

    • Brooke says:

      Hi Darren,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to post a comment. It sounds like you’ve been on quite a journey this past year. I have passed your request onto our Founder Brooke Alexander and she will reach out to you via your email supplied.

      With love Team YLP.

  7. Anitra says:

    Hi I’m so happy I found your article. I’ve been on my journey for a couple of years now but always still felt somewhat lost. I resonate with 9 out of the 10. I know I want to help others, but don’t know how. Reiki kept coming up, so I’m starting to read books on it. My mind would question me so I started to doubt. Then I read your article and you mentioned tingly hands! I can’t tell you how relieved I feel for that confirmation. I never want to believe more of myself than nessesary, but now I feel the excited motivation to dive into it and see what comes next. Thank you ????

  8. Martyn says:

    I am very unsure as I write this but I feel as if there is more for me to do. My life has been saved several times – I survived cancer and am in good health sixteen years after a doctor gave me a 1 in 1000 chance of living three years. I was saved from a potentially fatal car accident by the appearance and disappearance of a huge, snowy white tiger and, another time, when Headlights on my motorcycle failed, I was guided by the vivid headlights of a car that was not there. My motorcycle was in the midst of the beams Which vanished, instantaneously, when I reached safety and turned to say thank you even though there was nowhere for a car to turn off or even park. I see, as images, not all the time but on occasion, the thoughts of other people When I touch them and I am empathic to the point where I can be overwhelmed by the emotions of others. My IQ was higher than the initial tests that I took could measure and I just feel that there is more in life to come. I Just do not know what to do or what my next steps should be. Any ideas.

    • Brooke says:

      Hi Martyn, It sounds like you have a very high level of spiritual awareness and are most definitely being guided do you currently have a meditation practice? With love, Brooke X

  9. T J Cruz says:

    I feel like I am healer 7, 8 and 9. People quickly after meeting me practically tell me their life story. I feel like I feel & absorb other people’s pain and negative feelings and those feelings affecting me almost to a deep depression and panic. I can’t touch people for very long because I feel their pain. I also draw physical pain from people with the touch of my hands after which they hurt and tingle. I wish I could do more with my gifts but they hurt. Do you have any advice?

    • Brooke says:

      Hey TJ, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I resonate deeply with your words and what you are describing sounds very much like empathic qualities. More and more people are tuning into these abilities and it sounds like you are an Empath. There is an excellent book on the subject by Judith Orloff and I would recommend that you read it. I think this could help you tremendously it’s called The Empaths Survival Guide. Sending you love on your journey, Brooke X

  10. Jamie Cooke says:

    I’m Jamie and have very recently awoken to the fact that I may be an Indigo healer! I identify with all the points listed above. HELP!

    • Brooke says:

      Hi Jamie,

      This wonderful news! Hooray! What has made you identify as an Indigo Healer?

      With love, Brooke X

  11. reeve platt says:

    Excellent article. I already know I’m a Healer and I’ve been working in The Healing Arts but reading these made me cry with how life-affirming the signs are. Thank you!!!

    • Brooke says:

      Wonderful! Thank you so much for your very kind words. I am deeply honoured by your comment. We need more healers like you Reeve! With love, Brooke X

  12. Jessica says:

    I resonate with all of them. I just dont kno how to heal. My mother has stage 3 lung cancer and i want so much to b able to heal her. Can i? Or is it too late?

    • Brooke says:

      Darling Jessica, Thank you so much for your comment. The moment I read your message I felt your love for your Mother.
      The question you ask is a big one and the answer lies within the spirit and soul of your mother. I believe that we are sent to earth school (as I like to call it) as a means to experience many different facets of life. These experiences are in essence lessons that we agree to experience and move through in our life on earth. So when it comes to the health of your mother she may well have chosen this experience so that she can learn the lessons her soul agreed to learn. Having said that I do believe that miraculous healing can occur – our minds are very powerful and if we have faith in our ability we can, in fact, heal others. The challenge lies in the recipient of the healing – in this case your Mother. I do feel that she would benefit greatly from experiencing your love. You may do this by speaking in a loving way to her. You may do “loving things” by helping her in a way that feels right and comfortable to you. It’s never too late to help someone because when you come from a place of love and compassion they will feel the love. And with love all things are possible.

      Sending you and your beautiful mother much love. Brooke X

  13. Henry Sanchez says:

    l feel all those signs with me in some way. Especially 2,5,8,9,and 10 very strongly.
    Also, lately I have been having weird dreams and I strongly feel like. I need to do more lately.

    Well I just wanted to put in my thoughts. Have a great day and be safe!

    • Brooke says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your comments Henry! This is wonderful. Keeping doing the inner work of tuning into your intuition! Brooke X

  14. Martin says:

    Thank you for being here. I have been on the edge of extinction but I stopped. So much pain…my heart must be the biggest strongest organ God ever created …I should be dead. I think I might be a healer now..don’t know why that entered my head a week or so ago…

    • Brooke says:

      Hi Martin,

      What a lovely thing to say! Thank YOU for being here too and for taking the time to comment on this blog post! It sounds like you are a warrior with a huge heart. Thank you being apart of this community. With love, Brooke

  15. Brandy L Fager says:

    I don’t know whether or not to take this article seriously but I hit every category. I don’t know why but it made me cry. I guess knowing there’s possibly a purpose for all the pain I’ve gone through in life. I recently told a freind I thought my purpose in life might be to simply show others you can have a hard life and still choose to find the beauty in it. I’ve been told several times I should write a book. I don’t know what good that would do exactly but being a healer makes sense. I have worked in healthcare for years anyway.

    • Brooke says:

      Hey Brandy, I’d love for you to take this article seriously!

      And I believe the emotion that you experienced while reading the post was a result of the inner realisation that you had of being a healer! The world needs more healers, now more than ever and I honestly believe you are here for a higher purpose. The fact that you are working in health care is testament to that! It sounds like you’ve experienced deep pain in your life – which many of us have (myself included) and being able to see the beauty in life is everything. It’s what keeps us sane right? Being able to acknowledge and receive beauty means that you are open to receiving – which means you are open to experiencing the fullness of life. You are a healer for sure – just remember it’s your uniqueness that makes you, you. Never forget that! With love, Brooke

  16. M.z says:

    I had read all and I have 9 from 10 in me so I am healer form long time ago without known that I am.
    I am from Egypt and nearly I found my self as Gifted healer

    • Brooke says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment – I really appreciate it! The world needs healers now more than ever! With love, Brooke

  17. yolanda saunders says:

    Hello, My name is Yolanda. I’m 58 yrs old but I’ve felt out of place all of my Life. From the time I was 5 yrs old I’ve had nightmares of demonic spirits coming after me. As teenager I never fitted in any place & always felt like a Misfit. I have Always walked around with this heated energy in the palm of both my hands which had made me walk around with my fist balled up because when I open them a surge of energy goes through my hands & body. I’m all 10 of them. I’ve always had girls & Women drawn to me for advice. I’ve been prophetizes over repeatedly. I’m a survivor of Child abuse, Rape, Drug Abuse, Domestic Violence, I have Thyroid Disease recently Divorced but through it all I always felt this calling upon my Life. I’m in the process of going back to school for Masters for Leadership Degree. I know my purpose is to empower girls/women of Domestic Violence. I hope to open a Empowerment Center. I Just don’t know what I’m suppose to do with these hands?

    • Brooke says:

      Hi Yolanda, Thank you for sharing your powerful story. I would say that your hands are your body’s way of reminding you of the power that you have inside you. This is pure potential energy and as the earth is a planet of free will you are able to direct that energy within you as you see fit. Are you called to use your hands in any particular way? With love, Brooke

  18. Barbara McCann says:

    what if you have all the things you listed? I’m very eager to find out why I’ve always felt I should have been born in a different century.

    • Brooke says:

      Hi Barbara,

      Thanks so much for commenting! It sounds like you have a very strong past life memory, have you ever worked with a specialist in this area? It might be worth investigating further if this is something that you feel is holding you back in life. With love, Brooke

  19. Cassandra Bilicki says:

    I have experienced all 10 signs. I don’t really want to talk about experiences I’ve had or things that have happened in my life, but I know I’m a healer and here to serve a higher power.

    • Brooke says:

      Hi Cassandra,

      That’s wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post. With love, Brooke

      • Letticia edgecumbe says:

        I’m wondering if I might be a healer, I have 9 of the 10 signs but I’m a spirit empath not a human one.
        Last night while suffering a fibro flare up I began doing my mindfulness practice but for the first time ever I decided to rub the affected area imagining the pain as black and dragging it out from my leg with my right hand. Once the pain had subsided I looked at my hand and it had turned black and had swollen up and I could feel the pain pulsating through my hand. I took pictures of this as I had never seen this in my life but now I’m curious as to whether I may be a healer or whether I manifested a physical symptom of the pain. Is this something you have heard of before? An actual physical piece of proof of the pain being removed?

  20. Alejandro Franco says:

    Hello Broke,

    I qualify all the point above and I’ve just found one of my soul-mates which turns to be a psychic and Clairvoyant person. My guides have communicated that I have significant healing energy that has to do with my hands and I remember I’ve been told that before as well. I want to take action and can’t wait any longer.

    Which are the Or a healing technique(s) you’d recommend the most?

    Kind regards
    Alejandro Franco

    • Brooke says:

      Hi Alejandro, That’s wonderful. I would ask your guides for direction. They will help you move forward and help you choose which modality you could start exploring. It may well mean that you need to try a few different things. Also apologies for taking so long to reply. I’m much more active over at so please sign up to my free audio program over there – it will help you!
      Sending you love, Brooke X

  21. Nancy says:

    Hi Brooke! Thank you for this, for sharing this with the world so that those, like me, who wonder, have a source to go to, to help guide them. I have always felt a higher purpose since I was a little girl and resonate with a majority of the signs listed, about 8 or 9 of them. I’m unsure as to the exact amount as I question myself often. I have been told by another healer that I had an bad entity attached to me, which was also revealed to me in my dreams. This entity visited me in my dreams and would force itself upon me. The healer told me this entity was causing me infertility issues, which is why I sought out the healer in the first place. An energy healer told me I had what he calls a fallen angel attached to me from birth, hoping to corrupt and disrupt me from my purpose on earth as a healer. A clairvoyant reiki healer told me I am meant to be a healer as well. Although I have always felt a higher purpose, sometimes I question my worthiness, which tells me I am not quite ready yet. At the same time, I am very excited for my spirtual journey and look forward to helping and healing others, to bringing light to this world. How do I learn more about my purpose as a healer? How do I learn what kind of healer I am meant to be? How will I learn how to be a healer. When will I know I am ready? There is a part of me that knows I am not ready yet and that when the time is right, it will come to me… but the future has me eager and anxious– I want so much to find my purpose right now so that I can begin giving and healing others.

    • Brooke says:

      Hi Nancy, Thank you for your gracious comment! Also apologies for taking so long to reply. I’m much more active over at so please come and reach out to me there! It sounds like you’re ready to start doing some deep inner work? Would you be open to working with me? I look forward to hearing from you. With love, Brooke X

  22. Jenna says:

    Lately the word healer has been thrown in my direction in one way or another. After reading this, I have about half of these qualities for sure. Experienced all kinds of abuse in my younger days, Definitely enjoy being an introvert, especially after being around people. I have ALWAYS felt like I have never belonged anywhere…never fit in. Yes I do tend to attract those who need someone to talk to. And being in a group of people, especially, I feel drained after a while and want to go be an introvert and recharge…for quite a while.

    • Brooke says:

      Thank you Jenna for your comment. It sounds like you are well into your spiritual journey. Also apologies for taking so long to reply. I’m much more active over at so please sign up to my free audio program over there – it will help you!

  23. Douglas says:

    All of them apart from number 7. A guy I used to go to church with actually asked me once, “are you a healer?” and said my hands were really hot, so that’s always stuck in my mind. I have also been wondering if I am a witch. It sounds like a great spiritual path to be on.

    • Brooke says:

      Thanks Douglas for sharing your thoughts! Also apologies for taking so long to reply. I’m much more active over at if you are curious to pursue your spiritual path please sign up to my free audio program over there – it will help you! Brooke X

  24. Courtney says:

    Yes to all and I’m so ready. How do I step up? How do I heal?

  25. Jerome says:

    Thank you❣️

  26. Gerada Thomas says:

    I have always had the gift of empath and the ability to see. I also have an autoimmune disease. People often seek counsel from me. I have noticed that I often end up leading. Help me to develop this gift and understands it more

  27. nala long says:

    hey so i am still quite young only 15, but i have and still experience 7 of these, and it’s alarming that all of these i experience a lot haha. first i want to talk why i even typing this and on this website, even when i was 3 i always felt very very connected with natural things and a fascination with people and their emotions, i always have been drawn to closed up people and the only time i feel as calm as i can is being alone or being surrounded by nature. so many people have told me i am wise and seem older than i am, my maturity and understanding of life was very high, my dad told me when i was a baby he felt like i was a “old soul”. i have experience emotional and verbal abuse for 8 years of my life, which affects my ability to respond to my emotions, i used to just completely cut them off if that makes sense. now i am faced with severe anxiety and depression and learning new coping mechanism has also brung out my spiritual journey. i found out i could read people when i was 12, i tested it on my best friend at the time i described your her that her household has been stressful with a few male figures, and she told me it was her brother that had been stressing her out. i didn’t know i was a empath til i was 13 i was researching why i feel so much energy that i couldn’t explain and it popped up empath, and they did say thay empath were natural healers but again i’m 15 so i didn’t really know and didn’t want to act like i knew all of it in one day so i just kinda ignored it. i cant tell you how many times someone has opened up their problems to me, i really don’t know what it is people just do and i really like helping people so much, it makes me feel better when i know i’m helping them in some sort of way, to be honest with you it’s hard not to attempt to help someone, it’s like a natural instinct to instantly comfort or give advice when someone is having trouble or if i know someone is emotionally closed up. i tend to get way too over my head and really forget my self worth i kinda end up in toxic relationship with people that are closed up and manipulate, i finally came to the realization that i need to have boundaries on trying to get people to open up to me because in the end i’m doing my harm to myself than helping them. again i’m still learning and i know i’m not too skilled on this whole spiritual journey just wanting to talk about it. i also experience that tingly thing in my hands which kinda just thought it was me, but i could just feel the energies of people i love and it’s a really cool feeling and also when i’m meditating i feel it all around me but mostly in my hands and feet. and i had have especially when i was younger kinda issues of feeling like i don’t belong on earth at all, i am just out here for other people, i have kinda got lost in my thoughts and cried about it because it made me feel alone like i’m almost an alien compared to these people lol, i don’t really have that problem anymore since i have gotten older and i felt like i do haven a purpose with helping the climate and people in need, i’m very passionate about that stuff since i can remember i didn’t know exactly what i wanted to be but i wanted to help anyone in need and the environment, i really hope i am able to do that in the future. okay last thing sorry this is so long, but i do get emotionally drained from other people ESPECIALLY negative emotions from other people, personally for me the worst emotion to feel is heartbreak and hatred, those hurt so much and i don’t feel them too often but it kills me when i do. i have gotten better about the draining but if i’m not surrounded around people for a little bit and come back into a crowd like school or public i get overwhelmed easily but i’m usually able to endure it. okay thank you for reading and i really hope someone around my age or just can relate to this too because i feel like i’m only “young” one that experiences this, i know i’m not just would help if their are others around my age.

  28. Pablo Reyes says:

    I’ve been going through life searching my calling. I can agree with every single one of the pinpoints. I’m not sure what to do now. Growing up I was always told by family, my Pastor and friends that I walked hand in hand with Jesus. I never knew what that meant. I still have a hard time understanding because as an adult I am more spiritual belief and as I research more I am divided in the knowledge gained in respect to religion and spirituality. My mother always wanted me to become a doctor or a lawyer. I became a cosmetologist. I’m my line of work I guess you can say I am both lawyer and doctor lol; as well as a healer to a certain point. I haven’t been practicing my career choice since the pandemic situation struck and the loss of my equipment has also impeded my work. (It was stolen by the people who run the motel I was staying at) So I haven’t been able to replace my things due to do many things. But anyway now that I’ve been seeking my true self I have come across this notion and my true calling which apparently is that of a healer. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do or go about this wonderful calling! I’m excited yet the confusion has basically come to a roadblock. I hope in some way you may be able to help me find my way. Thank you for lending this great opportunity to many of us. From the great stories and your comments I can feel you will be a key part of that. Blessings and I look forward to a response

  29. Eve 1111 says:

    Dearest Brooke,
    I am so excited to read articles like this one of yours. In the past, the number of people I had to talk to about anything “spiritual” and not religious was limited.
    My earliest memory was of being shot by a stray bullet at the age of 3. I was told it was by a sniper. When I started elementary school I wanted to be a foster parent when I grew up. I wanted to love all the children that didnt get loved because I believed that’s all they needed to be ok. Although petite and smaller than most, I would protect those that were picked on in school. Fighting for them at any costs. It was strange, when I got upset it felt like I grew to be 12 ft tall. my childhood was traumatic, being sexually abused from 5 to 6 years old, witnessing physical abuse of my mother, being physically abused by my mother and, at 15, taken by cps.
    Fast forward many years and many traumas, I first discovered meditation at the age of 30. I have always had the gift of intuition, extreme empathy even passing by someone and the gift of what I call infused knowledge, I would just know things about people that I had no idea how I knew. after learning to meditate, I learned I was a vessel to heal others. Being willing to carry another’s pain and visualizing the white light of pure love entering the top of my head and through my hands, I was able to heal someone’s illness or pain.
    After many more years of trauma and pain, my heart became broken. Even though I love all people without condition and understand the connectedness of all, I have began to withdraw. I know I am supposed to do something important for this world and I feel s sense of urgency building, I’m not sure what my next steps are to be.
    What I am sure of is that we are qualified for the job we are meant to do and any advice would be cherised.
    With love, Eve

  30. Tera says:

    My birth in itself was a battle from start to finish. Life has always been great but has definitely come with its struggles. I have faced death a few times, incarceration, I was homeless, I struggled with addiction and somehow I managed to always walk the opposite aide of the spectrum simultaneously. I was a straight a student, top of my class, very involved at school, a hard worker when I entered the working class and later became corporate. My relationships were always complicated but not. Life has been an oxymoron. As of lately I feel like I am understanding how and why I’ve gone through what I have gone through and I have been feeling all sorts of energetic pulls and receiving these weird, “knowings” or intuitions and I don’t know where they’re coming from. I’ve always wanted to save the world but after 27 years I’ve just barely managed to save myself. I’m wondering if I’m starting to feel so different because I’m tapping into things most others don’t Experience. Sometimes when I tell people what I’m feeling, they look at me a little oddly. It doesn’t really bother me, but it does make it tough to understand what’s happening to me because most others cannot relate. I want to help others heal, I always have. I’m just nervous because I’m not sure how I will be received because of my past and where to even begin. Today feels like a great day to begin to dive deeper, lately the urge to understand the last missing piece has been picking at me.

  31. Joseph Skypek says:

    Every single thing you listed I resonate with fully. I’ve been on the wrong path denying Jesus, being selfish, hanging on to bad energies from my previous lifetime. In 2016 the universe, aka god, took my life, and literally baptized me, the death and rebirth of me (my subconscious saw things I can’t comprehend, but as i experience dejavu I am remembering more)… for 3 months I was hospitalized and for years I’ve been healing, but going back down the same path of destruction. This time was different though, I’m looking for spiritual awareness… over the process of a couple of years and through meeting some amazing people, I know why I denied Christ all of these years, my view was warped from the Church. I realize now the real message of Jesus and most people who go to Church are unfortunately going through the same process the Hebrew church did with Christ. It actually made me laugh as I was reading your list because it’s epiphanies I’m just learning and it’s amazing I haven’t seen this all of my life. Now I know I’m a healer though, I still have congestive heart failure, I see now why I do have a future with a disease that’s terminal, I need help on what this means. My north node is Pisces, in astrology this is the sign you try to adopt, Pisces and Jesus, I’ve been denying him and notice my suffering started since. I think my purpose has something to do with the evolving millineal problem because I’ve suffered it fully but had the knowledge and was raised in an environment this shouldn’t have happened, I always rebelled growing up

  32. I had 55 jobs and 37 addresses since 1997. I had adhd and relieved it this year. It has been a struggle. I now help others with adhd.

    • Brooke says:

      That’s incredible Richard! Well done. Thank you for sharing your work here with us all. With love, Brooke

  33. Tia says:

    I suffered severe early childhood abuse , followed by sexual abuse which led to an arranged marriage to a 37 year old stranger as a 14 year old as my family’s way of trying to hide the sexual abuse for the family “honor” and the “protection “ of my reputation. My rapist then moved into the apartment building I lived in with my ex husband – who was extremely physically abusive – but as I was conditioned to think this type of marriage was normal because we were married (in our culture wives are forbidden from saying no to sex unless it’s your period time) I never realized til recently that those years I was married he was also raping me because I was a kid who had no choice and he was an adult . I left at age 18 family disowned me I never told anybody just ran off and tried to have a new life , but spent my whole 20’s suicidal and severely depressed- trying to deal with drugs and parties and horrible things I was a mess , after my final suicide attempt failed I realized or actually rememberd that I was here for a purpose something I had known in childhood- from dreams and a strong feeling but had forgotten- so I started looking for healthy ways to cope – but only with the symptoms not the cause – I meditated did yoga traveled ate healthy went to the gym obsessively, etc , but I was constantly helping everyone around me and always attracting toxic abusive people again and again – I was stuck in a pattern of reliving what felt familiar- so I left – I went overseas and did volunteer work – finally I felt purpose- I was happy for the first time ever – I felt self worth for the first time , at the same time I was guided to a spiritual group led by a shaman who worked with plant medicine, and I spent a few months working with them , I felt bliss and was content with what I was shown I had always had a feeling that there was more but now I knew for a fact that my feeling was real! But when I came back , to America , I was shown signs that I was meant to use this knowledge but I resisted all of them – I had finally experienced happiness and I just wanted to stay happy and have a “normal “ life , almost immediately I entered into another toxic relationship, when it ended I was so broken , I drifted for two years just surviving using the gym and my continued help with refugees to pull me out of it eventually but ignoring my spiritual guides and such completely – then I found a job that was with art and I was happy again – I threw all of myself into that career and I became successful very fast – then covid hit – shit down that industry and a series of events forced me back home , everything was taken that I used to cope with the symptoms- gyms were closed , poetry events closed , six friends died back to back within weeks – I was devolving mentally but fighting still to keep myself together so I could go back to my industry when it opened again one day – in the midst of this – I started getting sick – suddenly had a seizure for the first time , lost 40 pounds in three months , had severe headaches extreme anxiety , hair falling out in gobs – but nothing medically wrong with me – they said stress but I felt in my soul it was more – as this was happening abilities I’ve always had but never understood or could control started increasing to the point I was so confused – I could barely get out of bed – I had dreams almost nightly of what would happen to someone and every single time I’d call them and the dream was true – my friends started noticing and coming to me asking for help telling me they felt my energy and that I was different- crazy things were happening- I saw a friends third eye as she was hystocrying over a death and never had that happened to me before outside of a shamanic session, but I felt that I should touch her , and I told her I’m going to touch you and as soon as I did I felt her sadness and was able to release it she is not a spiritual person but she immediately became calm but was like what did you just do I felt you pull out all the bad as soon as you touched me – what was that and I said I have no idea it just happened it’s never happened before – these kinda of things kept happening but still I didn’t understand- I just wanted back to my old life – then a teacher was out in my life – held space for me – but didn’t do my work for me or push – and slowly I started to understand, with signs and the guidance of my new teacher that I had to accept my mission here whatever it may be , that to do that I must confront the cause of my years of symptoms the childhood abuse , accept it as part of my path and even one day forgive and embrace it as it prepares me for my ultimate purpose- and give up the life I thought I wanted – and reading this was part of how I figured out my sudden illnesses were part of this whole thing – so thank you for this !!!!! Now that I understand I must be gentle with myself , work on accepting what the universe and my fate want from me – lean into my connection with source , and do the work so I can finally connect with my purpose. It is not an easy path – nor the path I wanted – but somehow I’ve always known I just fought it for a long time – now that I’m finally understanding and accepting I know it will be difficult but I also know it will bring a type of peace to me eventually and that I’ll always be given the tools and help as I always have been I just have to start accepting them
    Thank you for this and for giving me a place to say this all as I’m only just figuring all this out and it feels nice to say it – much light and live sent your way

    • Brooke says:


      Sending so much love and light and wisdom your way. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s an honour that I was able to help clarify things for you. With love, Brooke

  34. Jay Ellis says:

    Hi I’m jay hope you’re all doing well, I’m always feeling as though I need to help somebody out and I often attract people who let’s say could be a little damaged from life, cats and dogs aren’t phased by my presence they are rather curious as to who this random guy is with no aggression. My hands and fingers are tingling quite a lot and I feel out of place in the normality of every day life.
    I also try to stay away from the limelight id rather be in the background thank you

  35. Susan says:

    Hi Brooke,

    I appreciate finding what you have written. I always knew that I would work in a field having to do with helping others. I ended up working in Pharmaceuticals- always around practitioners and nurses… I knew that God was calling me to serve him. I always had such great examples and encouragement from the Doctors and NP’s that I became close with. I knew that God was calling but I was afraid to answer His call. A little over a year ago, His call came thru loud and clear. I gave my commitment to Serve God and to know that the path is of giving my life to help heal and to love others. I walked away from 20 plus years of Pharma (the day after receiving a raise) and began an accelerated Nursing program designed to follow into a NP program. I am beginning my 3rd of four semesters and have applied to the NP program which will begin right after graduation. It has been a whirlwind. I feel this call is Spiritual and I feel it to be a calling and feel that I want to learn more. I would appreciate any insight or advice that you might have?

    Thank you so much!

  36. Heather Bennett says:

    I am a healer. I know I am …but im a bit scared…I don’t know where to start..the more I study this, the more I want to know, and I need help with where to start…

    • Brooke says:

      Hi Heather, Apologies for the delay this is not my main website anymore … if you are still feeling stuck please reach out to me via with love, Brooke

  37. Kelly Harrington says:

    This is just what I was looking for! When I was younger, maybe about 11 or 12..I went with my mom and older brother to a psychic. She told me that I had healing hands….Since I’m older now, I’m 28 and will be 29 soon. I have been wondering what healing hands means. I just haven’t been able to figure it out. After reading f this, I relate to almost all of them. People always come to me for advice or a shoulder to cry on. I never understood why i just listen and comfort them. I’ve been told I’m too nice and caring. I’ve been told I cant rescue everyone. I’ve been told I’m way too sensitive. Which I agree that I feel emotions way to deeply. Sometimes it feels like a burden and not a gift. I find myself crying sometimes for no reason other than i feel someone else is sad….or when my boyfriend is upset, I’m upset as well. When he isnt feeling good, neither am I. I’m HIGHLY creative,always finding new ways to exspress myself! I guess I am a healer….I just don’t know what to do about it……and not sure how to handle it and how to feel about it.

    • Brooke says:

      Hi Kelly, Ask the universe for signs or guidance and it will show you the way. With love, Brooke

  38. Danielle says:

    Always feel relaxed in nature, felt like the black sheep all my life, people talk to me about there problems all the time doesn’t matter what setting, I can tell if there is some thing wrong over a text message or before I get to some ones home.i suck in every ones emotions and if I get to crowded I feel emotions that aren’t mine and have to leave where ever I am at. Since I was early 20s I have been able to rub my hands together and feel the energy in my hands and heat then place them on some one and considerate and take away there pain or slow down there speeding heart.

  39. Manaha says:

    Hi my name is Manaha ,thank you for this article.
    I can relate to 9 of the things listed above,I believe I’m a healer,I’m a nurse by profession and I find some comfort knowing that I’m contributing in patient’s healing in a different way but I know deep down it’s not enough as I work maximum of 48hours per week.I am an introvert and it is getting worse as I get older,I know I should be out there healing the world but I don’t know how to go about it.

    • Brooke says:

      Hi Manaha, Ask the universe for signs or guidance and it will show you the way. With love, Brooke

  40. V says:

    *Added some events to my previous comment*
    *this one’s gonna be a little long***

    Well, I don’t fit on some of the characteristics you mentioned. I am an outgoing person, extrovert (most of the times). I would be one of the popular girls and mostly the life the party. But I have vivid dreams I can even control them, when I was young I talk to dead people in my dreams, I see future in my dreams, but that ability went off as I age. I have a good intuition, i have radar for liars and I can definitely say if someone is lying or not. I was nearly hit by a stray bullet twice (I always think I really have a good guardian angel), I was assaulted too, and a burglar went jn my apartment and pointed a gun on my forhead ( i have bunch of unfortunate events in my life, but i choose to live), I love nature, i love the sea, the sand, trees, i have lots of pets, not to mention my inability to kill imsects. When I was 21, my office mate asked me to go with her to a healer/fortune teller (her readings to my workmate turns out to be right) before we left she grabbed my hand and took a good look on the area near my wrist and she said “you’re a healer, both of your hands is a hand of a healer” (she said that on our native language),But I brushed it off, 1. Because I’m a so petite and my hinds are tiny. 2. I dont know anything of what she’s saying.
    Fast forward when I’m 27 a co worker asked me to massage her painful back, i willingly did so. And she was surprised “your tiny hands are powerful and strong, there’s some sort of heat coming from your palm, it has rythm in it, it felt very relaxing” (Im not so sure what Rhythm they are talking about really) the next day she said that my massage eased some of the pain in her back. Now I’m known in our office to be very good at massaging, in my country we call that “hilot” (like another level of massage, a spiritual kind of massage ,hard to explain sorry)
    I’m no physical therapist by any meansby the way, I know nothing about massage or “hilot”.
    The heat they are talking about on my hands.. i can feel it as well, I have that heated palm for as long as I can remember to the point that I thought it’s normal and everyone has it.

    Now I have a question:

    1. Is it possible to say that one is a healer by looking at her wrist?
    2. Is there anyway I can enhance the ability (if i really have any, cause until now I still am not sure about that)

    • Brooke says:

      All things are possible in this world my friend. The secret is in believing. My suggestion is to start a spiritual practice of some description. Whether that is journaling or meditation … reading spiritual books will also help to get you in the zone! When you start making spirit your focus all things are possible! Good luck, with love, Brooke

  41. Sammy says:

    I was told in a short reading that I was a healer . She said I was a strong one and I didn’t know how to go about that ? I’ve always felt like an out cast and everyone always comes to me for help or uses me and I’m always caring and getting taken advantage of . I want to be a healer but I don’t know how to go about it . I really want to help the people that need it and somehow I feel like I’m meant to be in people’s lives to help them even though I end up hurt sometimes .

    • Brooke says:

      Hi Sammy, It is hard when you first identify as a healer or when someone tells you. But please remember everyone has the ability to heal it’s just that most people aren’t conscious of that, so don’t be alarmed. It would be great if you could find a local teacher nearby. When you make Spirit your highest priority then the doorway will open up and the path will be revealed to you. Sending love, Brooke

  42. Maya Devera says:

    Eversince my colleague told me that i have something in me that i couldnt explain i always remember the psychic who told me once that someone is taking care of me “a man hiding behind the tree”…there are some incident which bothers me if they are all connected or related to me or can tell or prove what my colleagues and clients always telling about “something in me”..i came accross to this article to find answers to my question….”am i a healer?..” when i was 5 yr old i remembered i was struck by a thunder it was 6pm nearby the beach i was unconscious for almost 5 hrs and here i am still alive….but what bothers me when all my clients saying that i have a magic hands which i couldnt believe until this moment . Their pain is gone after the massage…and they are asking me how i could find the exact pain without them telling me…and my answer is i dont know only my fingers know where exactky their pain is…i even couldnt believe that i can do that….sometimes im thinking if I was guided by the spirit bcoz until now i cannot forget the soft shining cloud like in a form of palm that touched my forehead when i was so sick..exactly at 6 am morning and suddenly i felt i was healed…and everytime i do massage and and doing a clients who have a severe pain in some parts of the body i always think about “palm that touched my forehead” but after doing the massage with them i feel pain on my stomach ..i will vomit and release some gas and bubbles on my saliva and i will feel better….i hope you can help me by answering my question…

  43. Alisha says:

    Hi, my name is Alisha and I haven’t just gone through one of those things you listed, I have experienced everyone of them! I am 28 now but when I was 15 i was diagnosed with cancer blood cancer. I have always been attracted to ghost my whole life even now but it is branching out now Into tarot or crystals. I am a introvert and a empath.. I reized I was empath back in 2018. I started having these intense feelings inside me letting me know stuff, I don’t think I was suppose to know I can instantly pick up if I am around another empath I will tell them because I feel like they deserve to know. I’m surprised I figured it out.. my ex husband was cheating on me that’s when I started feeling those feelings talking to me. It just keeps going and going.. it has not been the easiest life that’s for sure. Everyti.e I turn around somethings coming up

    • Brooke says:

      Alisha, sending you much love on your journey. Thank you for sharing your story here. With love, Brooke X

  44. Courtney B Colyer says:

    This is very reassuring to me and I appreciate and love the knowledge that you are scared sharing I have always known that I am here for a big reason and I don’t now all of the reasons but I know for sure I’m here too do good for everyone and everything ever since I can remember I felt like this I’ve always had such a deeper and big awareness. Everything is connected and everything is living I feel my emotions so deeply but I also feel the emotions of everything else around me it forces me to spend a lot of time alone not around people God damn it I’m a human lie detector doesn’t help at all. Anytime someone is sick I instantly have this feeling that no you can’t just accept that where are they just let me see them let me pray for them . Stop saying the are sick what u say and believe has a bigger role than people know . If u keep telling them they are sick and worry about them dying they will believe that. I always feel static or just like I need to rub or fidget with my hands wiggle my fingers . I have very vivid dreams that often correlate to my reality. I love animals and they love me they seek me out and I know what they are thinking and what they need . Even pitbull dogs that most would be afraid of have let me walk right passed them then chased my friend who walked behind me. I have always been told since I was a child that I am wise beyond my years . I have also experienced things that people never do their whole lives and I’m only 23 . Like being raped , being robbed at gun point , living with a man in psychosis that put guns to my head for no reason every day beat me and shot up houses I was in trying to hide from him . I overcame heroin after 6 years but it took my dad dying and rotting for 3 days and then me finding him to quit . That’s a short list so so many other things . So yeah I went through some stuff to learn and be the strong woman I am today you have to know pain in order to recognize and heal it . . I know that I am a healer but thank you for assuring me .

    • Brooke says:

      Thank you for sharing your soul’s journey with me Courtney. Sending you lots of love and light on your journey. Brooke X

  45. Sofia says:

    Dear Brooke;
    I found this article by searching about healers, as i read the article I just kind of confirmed what i´ve always known, i mean i´ve said yes to almost all the 10 things you described…. as a child I used to see things other people can, i grew up with a lot of fears, vivid dreams, seeing thing before they happen, but had no one on my family or friends to uderstand or explain how it works so i shutted down all my gifts because of fear…. Right now i´m in these search after years of struggling with chronical pains, went to every doctor and specialist, they never found the reason or gave me something that actually works for me, then I discovered that i´m hiper sensitive to energy and it affects my body in the form of pain, i can feel spirits, and it hurts, but actually I don´t know how to clean my self or help them if thats what they need, i slowly learned to identify when the feelings are my own or is something interfering, when is someone else pain i´m feeling but still don´t know what to do with these things. I have not found a teacher I think, there´s this lady that does some therapies that sometimes helps me, but this things are daily with me, some days the physical pain wont let me do a normal life, so i need to find the way to learn how to use and control these energy, gifts, or whatever you want to call them ….

    • Kate says:

      Hi Brooke.
      Thank you for this beautiful article. It has helped in a way, but I really do feel lost – I resonated with every single point in your article. But the reason I found your page in the first place is because I’m trying to make sense of this space I find myself in. One could say it’s a calling? Because truth is, I still feel like I haven’t quite found my place. I have a husband I love, a gorgeous 18 month old baby girl, but I’m on anti-depressants and struggle with anxiety. I’m extremely emotionally intelligent and empathetic, deeply spiritual but have found myself pulling away from mainstream religion – I was born with a form of deafness, that means I can only partially hear, so I rely greatly on reading lips and body language – but I “perform” as an able bodied person so one wouldn’t know that I’m struggling to hear and get I overwhelmed by loud noises and crowded spaces etc… But this has also given me a great deal of insight and compassion for people and makes me very comfortable around others with disabilities and difficulties that they are trying to grapple with. I read my husband’s mind most times – I think his thoughts before he says them a scary amount of times – like, literally, ALWAYS… And I wonder if it’s because we are so in tune with each other, but deep down, I know it’s because I have the ability to connect with people on a different level. So here I am, grappling with trying to chart a new course as I also am trying to figure out healing myself from Burnout and chronic fatigued from my time working in the corporate architecture industry – so I’ve started gardening and learning about Hearns and herbal remedies. I studied art and have a fine arts degree and I am deeply creative and talented, but shy away from actually using my talent…. I feel drawn to do more than just make pretty pictures – I know I want to teach and help people in a more profound way, and doing art has always felt too superficial for me. I want to empower others and help others heal and find their voices and their calling… But I don’t know where or how to ground myself and establish the foundation on which to start building the life I’m meant to be living.

      • Brooke says:

        I can help you. Please reach out to me. Send me a DM via my personal instagram page @iambrookealexander. I’d love to help you. Brooke X

  46. Brooke says:

    Hi Sofia, Thank you so much for replying to my post. The confirmation that you felt internally is very powerful. You indeed have been bestowed upon many psi gifts. Please reach out to me via I look forward to hearing from you. With love, Brooke

  47. Alexandria Church says:

    Hello, I came across your post because I am on this path to find myself.
    Some of this resonates but not all.
    I have dealt with a lot of trauma in my life. From sexual abuse, an ex-uncle trying to kill me, an abusive relationship.
    I have never felt at home. Even in my home I do not feel at home. I have always felt lost.
    I am 37 and still have no idea what my passion is. I don’t know what I love to do. I’m a jack of all trades and can do many crafts. But none of which is my deep desire.
    I spent many nights praying for guidance and suddenly I was lead to a new world I never knew existed. Or maybe I just wasn’t open to seeing it before.
    I have been told many times my touch is a relaxing energy. It’s been explained as electrifying but relaxing. I have been so thirsty to learn more about spirit guides, reiki, meditation, etc.
    Because of my traumatic past I have had a hard time being empathetic. When someone comes to me about struggles I couldn’t help but think about all the things I have overcome and allowed the thought of. “I have been through far worse. What you’re going through doesn’t compare” however after finding this new path I have noticed so many things I wouldn’t have paid much attention to before. Because of meditation and being mindful of my thoughts I’m more aware of everyone’s behavior and feelings. I’m also so much happier. I want to take reiki classes but I’m worried that I may want it more than I am it. If that makes sense. I can’t help but ask myself. Do I see these signs to take reiki classes because I want to be a healer or is it because I am a healer. How do we know for sure?
    I can’t say that I have an illness (that I’m aware of) however I have always had to deal with painful headaches and migraines since the age of 7 but I have notice since I started my spiritual journey there has been fewer of them than normal.
    If you have any insight please reach out.

    • Brooke says:

      Hello Alexandria, Thank you for taking the time to post a comment here. It sounds like you are on your path to discovering more of who you are and are well into the journey. Do you like reading? I think the book ‘How to do the work could be useful for you? And in addition why don’t you sign up to my free audio program – transformations for true self over at – I think it will help you. Love Brooke

  48. Shehan says:

    Hello Brooke!
    I am so fascinated with this recent revelation that transpired. My boyfriend asked to see the palm of my hand because he seen a post online about “signs of a healer” and I have some of the markings. This happened as i was journaling about FINDING MY PURPOSE!!! So I began digging deeper and began reading many articles that listed ways to know if you are a healer. And needless to say I came across your page and can say I connect to just about all of them. I have always been a misfit and want to HELP. My mothers refers to me as having a servants heart. My boyfriend insists that I am connected to and guided by mother nature. I am going through my own inner transformation deciding to discontinue western medicine for mood disorders. I was always told that I am too sensitive and emotional and I needed “to control it”. Which we know IS NOT POSSIBLE. So I now know that its mot meant to be controlled, but yet meant to be harnessed and tapped into. I am also a cancer and always felt connected to the moon and water and children/animals. And numerology has recently piqued my interest.
    I look forward to connecting with you ✨✨✨

  49. Cassandra says:

    I’ve known about my difference as far back as I can remember. I’ve always had a special connection with animals. My chosen career path had to be diverted, and I ended up becoming a nurse, not that it has not gone far better than I ever would have hoped! Nursing school turned out far easier for me than any of my classmates. I graduated with a 94%. That was nearly 2 decades ago, and I’m just getting the chance to go back, and adding RN and BSN to my credentials. I’ve always thought it was interesting to connect with people who are hateful and sometimes downright violent with the other staff, but smile when I walk in. Then, there are others who seem compelled to tell me every detail of their life stories. It’s quite interesting to know that I’m so much more trusted than the staff that have been there for years.
    I tried for so many years to fit in when I was so obviously born to stand out.
    I also come from a long line of healers, and I have 3 offspring healers.

  50. Juan Carlos says:

    I have always kept to myself when I was younger. I felt as if I didnt belong with anyone. Making friends was hard for me. My mother passed away when I was 10 and I was barely becoming the person I am today. I always knew I was gay. I considered myself the oldest sister even to this day. I have always had this maternal instinct that would help me determine what was best. When my mom died I stopped caring for myself. I neglected myself so much I developed alot of cavities. I had this big cavity between my 2 front teeth that just got worse and worse. I stopped smiling and If I was quiet when I was younger I became mute. My middle school and high school years I kept to myself even though I tried my best to make friends but my smile left me self-conscious. My father started getting ill a couple of years after my mom passed. Towards my last years in high school I would massage his legs every night. He had high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. He would go to dialysis 3 days out of the week and his legs would swell to the point they would feel so stiff. I didnt realize at the time but when I would finish the massage his legs wouldnt be so stiff anymore. But I would always end so drained and sleepy. I would fall asleep after awhile and he would wake me up to keep going. When I was busy he would ask my sisters to massage him but he would tell me they didn’t have the same touch I did. He died when I turned 21. I was suffering with depression from my mothers death. Before my dad died I myself got sick. I was at a point where I wanted to die. I recieved help and I got it under control. I was able to recieve a grant to fix my smile and after that my confidence was back. I started working and became a waiter. I was living a dream with a new smile that would shine for miles. I became the person I always was but was keeping hidden because of my smile. I started meeting new people. I started noticing I could sense their pain. I started receiving signs of what was meant for me. So many stories of life and the healing kept calling towards me. The feeling that I was meant for something greater in life but I could never put my finger on it. With the hardships I endured I felt stronger. I felt the urge to help. The need to help. Even if it was just a hug. I am still finding my way. Along with healing abilities I started noticing others I am capable of. I do not consider myself a witch. I am not baptized and I do not have a religion. I believe in energy and that it vibrates all around us. With the right set of mind I can tap into it. I am here for a reason and I just want everyone to know there is a bigger picture. I am grateful for reading your article because lately I’ve felt disconnected from what I am.

  51. Gemma says:

    Hi Brooke,
    I’m really being shown signs that I’m a healer and should be exploring this, but I don’t know where to start! I resonate with all of the above. I ve had a very difficult life, never felt like I belonged in one place. I went through some horrendous sadness and developed an auto immune disease, my lightning bolt so to speak. I had a spiritual reading recently and she told me I had magic in me and I needed to start exploring different paths, I’m wondering if this is my path. I also have the healers marks on my hand that someone has mentioned before. I feel a bit lost as to how to explore this, do you have any advice? I’ve got to the point now where I think avoiding this is affect my health. Thank you

  52. Cori says:

    I’ mean an eclectic witch and heathen.
    I’m an empath, intuitive, indigo, old soul, reader and a fourth plane light worker and esp. Ever since I’ve come to Canada I’ve suffered increasingly more physical health problems.
    Sleep deprivisions, allergies, deteriorating disc disease, arthritis, carpal tunnel disease and dry eye disease. I also have breathing problems.

  53. Jason Copeland says:

    Omg everything in that was like it were written about my life. I have felt different and like I was living in a world that was so different. Never felt in place. I can read people to a tee from the minute I meet them. And 99.9,% of the time I’m dead in. And I have always been the person that guy’s or girls come to to talk about everything. I suffer from chronic pain I have several things I suffer from with daily pain. I have always felt something in my hands and kinda knew there was something to it. I started attending church back in 2008 and I had the strongest argue to put my hands on those who where sick or in pain. I did this several times with my gf at the time and I could hold my hand over her where she 2hurtubg and she could tell where my hands wAs without looking. She said when I moved my hands over her it was pulling the pain with it. My name is Jason and believe it or not the meaning of it is healer. I feel that’s my calling or perpuse here on earth. I just ain’t sure how to go about doing that. Any advise would be great. And thank you and everyone that wrote in to you. They all told a great and similar stories

  54. KASHMIRA says:

    is there a specific age after which the powers of a healer are activated or more dominant? Cause I watched this movie the other day and the healer’s powers were activated after his 30th birthday. there seemed to be some logic, but I am curious, cause most of the signs you mentioned in your blog actually resonate with me on a personal note. It’s as if the stars wanted me to discover this now and have seeded an unending curiosity within me. My friends and classmates actually come a lot to me in their difficult times, and I always felt that I was just being used cause I always had the solutions to their problems. and even though I have never had any experience with animals before, they are always gentle with me around. And, it’s intriguing that every time I analyze my life till now, I have always wanted to do something big for the world…what does this really mean? I am super confused. it would be deeply appreciated if you helped…

  55. Jacquie Roberts says:

    Hi Brooke.
    Thank you so much for your writing, it has so inspired me to accept path. I am retired massage therapist whom has only felt comfortable when I was doing my work, I can not explain in words how I felt so at peace and content when I was able to do my work and how I have been in search for it since I stopped. I am an emapth that suffers with fibromyalgia and daily stomach problems. I have been widowed twice and have lost a child. My traumas have only made me stronger in my calling. I have recently been certified a life coach but have left that on the shelf for the last 6 months or so. I am ready to accept my call and move forward just waiting for God to send me opportunity to do so. Thank you again for you beautiful words.

  56. Angela C says:

    Well I must say that I experience everything except for #8. Sometimes I accidentally look into the souls of people through looking into their eyes. I often see pain and suffering. It’s like I have an internal radar detector that goes in and locates this so I can help people heal. Also, the angels and guides let me know I was chosen to participate in the global shift in consciousness in the present time. They’ve been working with me in many ways for 2 1/2 years. I used to be extremely open when I was young but was taught to hide my gifts and abilities until I forgot about them. I was told I’m not supposed to talk about certain things. Then I suffered from severe anxiety when I became older starting in my early childhood through adulthood. Then for the past 5 years I’ve been experiencing spiritual awakenings which have been both pleasant and unpleasant. I’ve always felt like sort of an outcast but now I understand why. People are drawn to confiding in me and say I’m nice and a good listener, etc. which is why people often try to take advantage of me and my kindness. I just keep asking my guardian Angel, Elijah, and my guides to show me the way and I trust them completely to keep me moving along the right path. It’s so nice to know that I’m not alone.

  57. Mirelle Saxon says:

    Absolutely everything relates to me you have mentioned. I’ve had a hysterectomy a few weeks ago , the crazy thing my own hands over my wound give relief, plus stay warm! Madness to me. Plus my little girl is called brooke!!!! It’s meant to be!

  58. Mirelle Saxon says:

    I’m pretty sure my hands only work sporadically, mainly relaxed, but I have noticed something completely different since my operation. Maybe I’m going mad!!

  59. Anis says:

    j’ai largué toute ma vie et je voyage depuis quelques années, j’ai maintenant 43 ans. j’ai toujours cette folle intuition en moi que je dois aider l’humanité entière. quelque chose en moi m’a toujours poussé à être le mouton noir de la famille, me pousse à tout étudier, toutes les sciences humaines, philosophies, la actuellement le yoga, la méditation, la psychologie bouddhiste, je me sens en même temps perdu mais comme si cette perte m’emmène quelque part!! je rencontre beaucoup de gens lors de mes voyages, ils m’avoue beaucoup qu’il se sente très à l’aise avec moi. Bon nombre de personnes ont complètement changé de vie après notre rencontre, et me remercient !!! je n’arrive pas à trouver exactement ce que je dois faire, ça me frustre, mais en même temps je sens que je suis sur la bonne voie, comme si je suis entrain de travailler sur la conscience humaine tout entière, ou comme si je suis entrain de travailler sur une thérapie holistique regroupant tout le savoir ancien et nouveau. jusqu’à aujourd’hui je ne me suis jamais permis de dire ces choses ,mais je me suis senti à l’aise dans ce forum, j’ai toujours peur qu’on me prenne pour un fou ???? quoique je le suis vraiment aux yeux de ma famille et mes amis. Rien n’a de sens pour moi dans la vie de tout les jours, une grande pièce de théâtre, et je suis impressionnée par l’investissement de chacun des êtres humains à vraiment croire au rôle qu’il joue, qu’il a complètement oublié pourquoi il est là. l’argent ne m’attire absolument pas, j’en ai besoin pour ma liberté financière, je ne cherche pas le succès non plus, mais au fond de moi j’ai cette forte intuition,depuis gamin, que je vois plus que les autres, comme si je voulais à quelques centaines de mètres au dessus de leurs réalités et que j’ai une vision plus globale. On me dit toujours que je trouve vite les les solutions à des problèmes très complexes, on le demande d’expliquer le cheminement, je réponds qu’il n’y a pas de cheminement, la réponse est directe pour moi et sans cheminement, c’est tellement clair. par contre dans la vie de tout les jours, j’ai beaucoup de mal à comprendre la normalité, à comprendre les règles sociales les plus simples : c’est très usant pour moi, fatiguant, pénible et je n’y comprends rien!! pourtant tout le monde le fait!!!
    Suis je dans une autre dimension ( scientifiquement appelé “fou” ????), je ne sais pas, au jour d’aujourd’hui tout ce que sais et ce que je sens est que je marche sur un fil extrêmement fin, ce fil sépare la vie réelle de la folie, d’ailleurs j’aime beaucoup discuter avec ce que les gens appellent “fou”: je trouve qu’ils ont juste une logique et perception différentes de la majorité, c’est juste parce qu’ils sont minoritaires et pour rassurer la majorité dans sa folie qu’on les appellent “fou” ????. Bon je viens de me rendre compte que j’ai beaucoup parlé, je perds le fil de la pensée, même si que je pense qu’il ne faut pas avoir un fil, un fil a un point de départ et un point d’arrivée, je ne sens pas que je suis bon à jouer à ce jeux rectiligne, ou suivre un fil, J’ai le sentiment profond que je suis tout, partout et nulle part… Alors pouvez-vous me dire comment puis-je me connecter avec mon self!! je suis entrain d’approfondir mes méditations Vipassana, couplé avec le yoga, la pleine conscience et mes recherches en bouddhisme, nouvelles théories philosophiques et psychologiques, physique quantique, mathématique, la science de la logique…enfin tout ????????????, et vous savez quoi, tout est relié !!! tous disent pratiquement la même chose pour moi mais à différents degrés de perception – intérêt – interprétation.
    Merci pour votre espace où j’ai senti que je peux m’exprimer librement. j’espère ne pas avoir abusé et que vous pouvez suivre mon écriture ( j’écris principalement en français ????). ????????????????

  60. Natasha says:

    Kia Ora,
    I am on my journey which began 2019/2020,
    I was in a dark hole after losing my grandmother who raised me & my grandfather the year before,
    I also found out I was pregnant with my 3rd & last child I felt trapped and like I had more to offer then just been a SAHM.
    I grew up knowing I was different & was robbed of my childhood forced to grow up fast and be a parent to my siblings hated been at my parents house but would always go back there to Protect them from the domestic violence drug and alcohol abuse and everything else that went on at my parents house so always felt torn.

    My grandmother was a generational healer curanderos & Sobador & my mothers father was an apatoro and could lift tapu. So healers on both sides of my family.

    I was told from a young age from strangers I was special & had healing hands I never paid attention to it.

    Over the years I witnessed things that nobody should see & was later diagnosed at 12 years old with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis so was ginueapiged on all sorts of meds.
    And later on found that arthritis diagnosed before 30 was a result of childhood trauma.

    I always watched my nana make healing plant based potions and concoctions and never really thought anything of it.

    Last year I started a small business selling plant based remedies and skin care and my business popped off a year later I opend my doors to
    My wellness studio opend lastnight and have only had positive support in this journey.

    I have 4 business operated from the one store a rongoā / plant based medicinal dispensary store

    Body work clinic

    Plant based beauty treatments

    And I run wananga 12 week workshops to help empower māori whānau and low income families & teach them self sustainable living.And to help ease the burden of the ever increases in basic living costs.

    I am a huge empath and always follow my gut people told me from the beginning my business would never do well but I ignored them and went with it anyway and I look back and reflect on how far iv come is mind blowing i know my business is going to do well but I always have the slight hint of self doubt and I always ignore it but wish I knew how to stop it.

  61. Kaishna Mckenzie says:

    Dear Brooke, I know you want to hear from us but honestly this is more of a emotion dump for me. I was born a weird girl, either introverted or extroverted depending on my mood, I always could feel the energy in other people, I felt their pain and I was consumed by it. Growing up I was always too tall, too fat, too Christian , too not so Christian, smart and or not smart enough. Always feeling empty, insecure but always with this light inside saying you are made for great things, you need to help humanity, you need to influence people and I was never able to understand why my mother beat me up so much, why my dad wouldn’t sign my reports cards unless they where all A+. I’ve been a misfit all my life, obese, chronic pain, gastritis, migraines, depression, anxiety, and many more. Graduated Medical school and didn’t want to be a traditional doctor, I like more life coaching or interior design. And after a year of meditation and gummies, hypnotherapy and incense, of course anti depressants as well because you feel no way out, today November 9 22 at 7:21 PST I am writing this because I spent all day reading about life purpose and should I kill myself quiz, I come home grab some gummies and saw my purpose in my vision and I found this and I assure you; this is my life changing moment.

    Thank you ????????

  62. Chad roe says:

    I’ve had some drastic life changes that I’ve had a hard time adjusting to. I use to feel I was humble with the life I had and shared with the less fortunate. I’m now closer to being in their position. Maybe it’s true what they say( you are the average of who you are around). I feel a little lost, but always think maybe I share a little wisdom or encouragement or even a point of view they needed. Not sure if some think it’s such a good idea to listen to me since I’m not in a great position myself but I still try. I am the crazy relative in some eyes of my family if I speak of certain things that they are not in tune with or goes against their belief of reality, so I know when to keep my mouth shut lol. I do have more paranormal experiences thn most. I observe. I do get the tingly feelings in my hands, somehow knowing it’s a good energy and feel sort of ball of energy magnetism, the only way I can think to describe at moment, whn I hold my palms close thinking this can heel, I hold them close together to build up energy and then place them on my dog to heal his mouth cancer. Not sure it’s working but he’s had it for 3 years now and it hasn’t grown hasn’t made it go away though. When I see a post of sick ppl I do this and send it their way. Hoping they received it. As soon as I do this, I yawn everytime after and feel exhausted. I haven’t mentioned this to but a couple people. I just do it without them knowing and hope it is what I believe it is and helps

  63. Kristen Askins says:

    Oh my! This hit the nail. I recently went to a medium I have been seeing and she called me a healer. I am an introvert, I am drawn to helping career field… I get overwhelmed in large crowds, loud noisy areas and struggle because I want to help everyone. I am drawn to nature and animals. I have fibromyalgia recently diagnosed and also depression/anxiety. I have been struggling recently with tingling sensations in my hands and it spreads up my arm. This is just wow. What do I do next?!

  64. Amanda says:

    I am sure I am a healer. I have always felt it. Recently on my spiritual journey I have been meditating everyday. Each meditation over the past 2 years have gotten more and more clear. Just a month ago while meditating I felt a strong white force from above like rays coming to me, so I obviously started focusing on that. During one meditation I had my angles flying around me in a circle forcing me up into this light, I was levitating in this bright white beam of light with my hands up, with two even brighter beams coming out of my hands. (It was magical) Now basically every time I meditate I get visions of bright crystal white beaming out of my hands and sometimes even out of the top of my head. I am sure this is a gift from god, and I am so ready to be able to use it to for my sole purpose on this earth.

  65. S. K. Bansal says:

    Hi Brooke. I would like to talk to you, can you please tell me how to get in touch with you?

  66. Brodie smith says:

    Hey I’m Brodie

    I feel the pull and I have always thought I was meant to do something important. I’m an empath , introvert , ect I believe I know what I must do but think I need to align more things. It’s cool this page exists:) I have started some socials as part of my calling as well The Chosen

  67. Vineeta says:

    Brooke I also have Scleroderma as well and my path has been extremely difficult. Each and every sign resonates with me deeply. Will leave my email here please reach out could use some guidance.

  68. Abbie says:

    I literally resonate with all 10 of your reasons. I had cancer when I was 11. Had an out of body experience and since then I always knew I was meant to do something. I’m an empath but I’m very vocal when it comes to things I believe are right and just. I have recently gone in to holistic therapy and literally all my clients have joked oh you have healing hands so I googled it and came across your article. Very interesting. I dont usually comment on things but I felt it necessary to do so. Anyway hope your well Brooke x

  69. Erin says:

    Yes. This is me. I’ve been working in the healing psychotherapy modalities and practice for over 15 years. This is the first time I’ve seen reference to suffering from unexplainable physical symptoms. Mine is peripheral neuropathy. The tingling, buzzing hands rings a bell.

    Thank you for showing me a new point of view.

  70. Shayne says:

    Very interesting read, I fit like a glove into 9 out of 19 of those points and would agree with them based upon my own experiences.

    I’m very much a realist though, Strong beliefs in Dual nature’s of Energy and existence in most realms.

    One thing I haven’t had clarified though is all my life I’ve essentially been a radiator of heat.

    Growing up in a cold place, I always had heat radiating in my hands and now later in life I still radiate a lot of heat from both palms.

    During Reiki (2) practices people appreciate it, But I don’t really understand if I’m channeling more into and out of my palms that is causing the heat.

    It’s pretty hard to find an answer because it’s not a health issue, I’m perfectly healthy ????

  71. Jenn says:

    Hello ~
    Seeking guidance, as every one of the above resonates with me. I know I’m a healer, somehow I think I’ve always known – I’ve been shocked by healing my husband in a one time experience of channelling intense light and energy – I can’t explain, and he won’t recognize (he was asleep, I was not). My hands tingle or, sometimes the space around them tingles, and pulse – I’m an empath and at 48 I’m only beginning to get a handle on how to separate other energies from my own to keep myself aligned and at peace. I had a spiritual awakening, in a full kundalini awakening almost 3 years ago, I’ve changed so many things since, I can’t deny what happened – changed my thought processes, and diet to purify and heal myself.
    I find it extremely difficult to keep “making money” in the ways I used to, versus what I want to do.
    People think I’m crazy telling them I want to become a massage therapist (they couldn’t handle it if I told them I wanted to become a healer, and open my own studio) at almost 50, and remind me I have a good corporate job with benefits, and 2 kids to put through college.
    Its gotten so difficult to keep going as / is, but my hesitation stems from the fact that I am and always have been incredibly grateful for my family & kids I don’t want to make decisions and/or changes that will impact their lives in a negative way. So scared to just quit my job & try to do something else without preparation, and funds on reserve….
    but I can not deny that I know my calling is something greater….

  72. Kim says:

    Well, in my case I don’t really know. I feel a little skeptical as usual (don’t worry I looked this up myself lol, I brought the doubt upon myself haha) But apart from the things that happened to me as a kid. I was a WEIRD toddler and child. Captivated by my dad’s interest in science and the universe and spend a lot of my time in my mind, thinking about that. I distinctively remember that, as a 7 yo, I woke up with this fear that I didn’t know what the purpose of life was (I thought everyone knew but me, because why get involved in something if you don’t know why) so I asked my dad (mom was instantly annoyed at me for asking philosophical questions, it scares her to this day, she blames dad, it’s part of the reason they got a divorce) my dad laughed and tried to explain that it was a logical question but also kinda weird for a kid to think about (the answer was disappointing obviously, I was expecting to go back to bed with a clear answer). I was also often very irritated by people who did things that hurt others and I never understood the concept of war in general (and I still don’t, it’s weird, I mean come on, if you think about it, doesn’t make ANY sense) only to be told to “deal with it, that’s just how the world works” and I always felt excited (angry but excited) to challenge these ideas, by fearlessly doing the exact opposite, myself. I have always had a strong lean to stubbornness (and bravery, but then again stupidity, depended on the outcome really), I especially challenged the arguments of certain rules, but that could also be part of the triggers I got from abuse, bc it makes you hesitant to trust others and the rules they make you follow for reasons they don’t want to explain. Ever since I was a child I have had vivid dreams where I was supposed to “solve” something, kind of like in ghost whisperer. And lately you know, the more I read the Bible (and I even asked this as a favor for the God I don’t quite want to worship, might have to do something with the whole “rules” part) that if we ever get to some sort of Armageddon, if he can just leave me there to take care of the people that were left behind, the people he did not deem good enough, no matter the circumstances I’d prefer that over glaring at the pain they have from heaven. No matter what they’ve done. But then again, I might just be a naive, sensitive, people pleasing, dreamer. And don’t quite believe I can heal people when I know or understand close to nothing about the world. I don’t judge having a strong sense of being a healer, but in my case I think it’s just another way to try to run from the oblivion I have always feared, trying to find a purpose because I am a scared to be worthless in a way you know…
    Sry for the excruciatingly long story :’) (astrologists might look at this this say, “calm down, you’re being such an Aquarius rn xD psychologists might call it a quarter life crisis, I hope to get that old) but anyway it’s quite interesting I must say. There’s not a lot of people around to talk to about existential things…

  73. Om, At the moment there are big shifts happening with the being I am. Recently I have been severely impacted by a tumour in my brain. It’s been previously operated on twice and looks like it’s growing again. My energy and health have varied over the past few months and in new ways. There’s a spiritual edge. Changes for my awakening. Today I recognised I’m here to be a healer. To be so I must be healed first. I wrote, prayed and wept for this. A meditation then had me see, and feel, my brain whole, healthy, free of tumour, with light shining through and out of it. It’s so true I can feel it healed now.
    Love, light

  74. Katrina says:

    HI Brooke Thank you for this beautiful article. I am in an interesting place in my life. I am not sure what to do or even know how to get there. I have always be in tune with my emotions and the emotions of others and highly sensitive at time. At times I feel psychic/high intuitive but unsure how to tap further into those abilities. About 1.5yrs. made a huge life change and unsure if it was the right change for me but had faith that either way the direction would lead me to I needed to be. Well not the right move for me but left feeling stuck and uncertain. I do believe I have something great that the world could benefit from me. I feel called to greater presence. I know I am healer and worked as a massage therapist for over 20 years. Healing in my blood. I have coaching certificates, nutritional coach and personal training coaching but currently not using any of these skills. I just thought I would ramble my thoughts here as it was drawn for me to do so. Thanks for being my sounding board and journaling tool today.

  75. Karlie says:

    I’ve had chronic migraines since birth. Three near death experiences. A hard road up until the last near experience. My whole life was pain and me questioning myself and my confidence, self esteem were always low from a childhood where I was silenced and could not express myself. I was talked down to and psychologically emotionally/mentally abused. And the fact I had 18 out of 30 migraines a month didn’t help much. I used to cry out to God deeply over the commode as they made me physically sick. Always sensitive to light sound, and smell. I still get vertigo from time to time. No one in my family had ever had many headaches much less a migraine. They engulf my entire skull. The pain can make me unable to function. Having to fight it for days or weeks sometimes. But after my last near death experience from an unrelated life event, I began to recall things that I have picked up throughout my life. Things that make sense now. I am an empath but recently realized through my practices that it’s more of an intuitive clairsentience. An empath but super charged. I feel everything with all six senses. Learning who I truly am has been so amazing. The feeling of freedom is what I’ve always longed for since I was a child and I feel like my life has really just begun. I have went within and I’ve healed my inner child and my shadow. (I know the journey is ongoing) I can truly say for the first time in my entire life, that I love myself. I truly do. I’ve let all of that go for my highest good. People I encounter stare. That’s an effect of high vibration. I don’t much like the attention bc I’m an introvert. But it’s nice to know my light shines bright. Before my self discovery I lived a negative very much always complaining life.. always asking why? And why me? Being in low vibration was normal to me and very depressing. Renewal of the mind is key, training the mind to do the opposite of its programming. Then becomes effortless to apply.. I’ve come to know that how we speak about ourselves comes back to us. I started being kinder to myself, I have immense gratitude and speak it upon my life numerous times, day and night. Feeling it and visualizing that gratitude from my energy centers, especially the heart chakra.. Immersing myself in self love ..Meditation has been the best thing I have ever discovered. It helps calms and centers me. Releasing the blocked energy is so invigorating. All I want now is to share my love and compassion and healing to serve the Highest good.. But I am not sure how I stubbled upon this article, as it is years after it was written. But I wanted to share my feelings . I hope all is well with everyone here. May love and light engulf your entire presence of being.

  76. Neilia says:

    I have discovered I can heal with my hands as well as distant healing. Sometimes when I talk on the phone to someone dealing with health issues. They tell me they are healed from my talking to them.
    I experience many different things.
    When I am talking to someone that is asking advice, I get a message that resolves their problem. They always ask me how I know the answers they need.
    People who have passed away talk to me at funerals. I have visions of things to come, it happens exactly how I see it. I leave my body frequently.
    I write my experiences in a journal and date it.
    When I was in Israel in October I had a vision of an explosion. I was at Shabbat October 6. I received a message that this would happen Saturday, tomorrow October 7,2023. I share this with over 300 people. I was with a Rabbi and his wife.
    Saturday October 7, 2023 we were under Missile attack in Jerusalem, a missile hit the outskirts of Jerusalem just like I saw .
    All of my visions have happened.
    I do notice when I heal and leave my body I am really tired.I just wanted to share what I experience in my life.
    I find it very comforting reading the Bible and praying to God. Finding the peace within helps me to be stronger in my faith.

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