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Hi, I'm Brooke.
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1. My personal journey to discovering “Higher Work”
2. How to process and release deep transformation and change
3. How to access your own Higher Work

When it comes to finding your own Higher Work, there is a 3 step framework that I find useful to follow if you want to access this realm of work. If you’re curious you can find out more about that here.

I appreciate that choosing to find and embrace Higher Work is not a journey that everyone wishes to pursue, however those that do, find that they experience an evolutionary and miraculous understanding of their own individual purpose in life.

When I first started on this journey, I was in a season of containment. My basic needs were being met, however deep down I knew I was meant to be doing more with my life.

More in my work, my relationships, my friendships and in the way I contributed to society.

There was a void that was yearning to be filled and so fill it I did. With immediate gratification and impulsive ego-based conditioned behaviours that only worked in taking me further away from the very truth I was seeking.

Growing up I always saw myself having children. As a married woman in my mid 30’s I secretly yearned for them. After a series of events delayed my plans again and again I decided that it would be fine to be an “older” mum. Comfortable with that decision I fixed a path to become pregnant in my 40’s.

In making that decision I pursued all the alternative treatments I could find, convinced it was not natural to go down the IVF route I closed that option, believing that mother nature would provide and support my decision. How wrong was I?

And yet I continued, determined.

My naiveté and hopeless desire pushed forward until finally a series of events beyond my control culminated in the end of my marriage in my mid 40’s.

I grieved not only the loss of my marriage, but I grieved the loss of my children, my future family. I was forced to face the painful reality that the journey and joy of motherhood would not be mine in this lifetime. A new chapter had begun.

My condition response was one of deep grief.

I’d experienced grief before, when my beloved Father passed. But the magnitude of this collated experience took my breath away. I no longer saw any point in living. Pain wracked my body to the extent that I ended up in the emergency department.

As I sat there questioning why all of this had happened. My heart broke in two and I shed more tears than I care to remember, days were spent crawling through unending layers of pain, regret and sadness. It felt like a never ending swelling abyss.

The resulting evolutionary reset was not an experience I saw coming.

Before my life changed completely I intuitively sensed that a transition was coming. I even knew the timeline that it was going to happen in, six months! But never in my wildest dreams did I think it was going to invert my whole existence. I thought I knew what was coming, meanwhile the universe was busy making other plans.

While I had begrudgingly accepted the omnipresent unmet potential in my working career (yes I have an a-type personality), I was determined that my family and married life would be a great success! I convinced myself and everyone around me that everything was fine. Then one day it simply wasn’t and there was nothing I could do to change it.

Ask those that know me well and they will tell you I tried everything to save my marriage, my husband, and the situation I was in. When I finally accepted there was nothing I could do to change things and I came up for air only then did everything else come crashing down around me.

Not everyone on the pathway to Higher Work experiences a “tower moment” like I did. A period of sudden great change, chaos, or upheaval but the truth is many do. Especially those on a spiritual path or at least a conscious one. There is a unifying fact that this type of experience changes you irrevocably and you find yourself in an entirely new reality. This was completely true for me. I simply wasn’t the same person I was before everything changed.

My new reality was simply fighting to stay alive and making my way through each day. Speaking from direct experience, this is not for the faint of heart!

Now a tower experience isn’t always wrapped in disaster and stressful situations, but it can indicate that your old ways of being — including things that aren’t good for you in the long run — have come to an end.

When I came to the realisation that the constructs, and egoic beliefs, I’d made about my life were the very things that were causing my pain, a new reality hit me. And I was able to move through it.

Of course, this was incredibly hard! But through my willingness to face my internal discomfort and the irrepressible power of present-moment awareness the darkness and pain disappeared.

When you are present with an experience, specifically an emotion without resistance or judgement, you raise your vibration through your own beingness. Raising your vibration allows the dense stuck energy (thought forms) to vibrate at a higher frequency and regain momentum. When that dissonant energy becomes more harmonious, more concordant, it can then be resolved and transmuted. It happens regardless of what you think or “don’t think” because your ‘I am’ energy that is your core, which exists beyond any logical understanding of your physical world just is… it accepts and allows. 

If you’ve ever had the feeling of just knowing something, that is your ‘I am’ presence making its Self, known. At the level of the Soul there is nothing but acceptance and an awareness of your evolutionary nature, so in all quests of human evolution this is where we need to come to seek out the truth. To find our answers.

This is where I found mine.

In the context of finding and embracing your Higher Work this is where you need to go. We need to come into this awareness and cultivate a relationship with our Higher Self. At the level of Soul. In this place of awareness, your essential Self and its purpose can be revealed to you, because it is safe to do so.

Cultivating this level of awareness and safety in your body is the first step on your journey to discovering your Higher Work. From here you naturally come into alignment with your Higher Self. Once this connection is formed and a conscious decision made to nurture it, you will be guided into the direction you should take in order to bring your Higher Work to life.

In Higher Pathways I share this evolutionary framework and the three-step process I used to completely transform my life.

If you would like to experience a taste of this work you can download a FREE copy of the Evolve Masterclass. In it I share how my proven 3-Step methodology works in relationship to our Higher Selves and our work on earth.

When an understanding, alignment, and awareness of our Higher Self is made we can then work to find our Higher Work in life. It could come in a variety of contexts – work, career, business, relational, familial, societal etc.

There are no limitations in the realm of the Higher Self, so it is up to the individual, and free will, to determine how he or she will bring their own individual Higher Work to life. In my work with Conscious Leaders, Professionals and Entrepreneurs I use the Higher Work methodology to help them access and embrace their highest potential through their role, career or business.

If you feel called to explore what your Higher Work might be and you’re ready to serve a higher purpose in your career or business then Higher Pathways is for you. Click here to learn how you can find and embrace your own Higher Work and start doing the work you were born to do.

If it’s time to find what your Higher Work really is, join me here.


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