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We all have ‘those days’. You know the ones I mean. The days that just don’t seem to flow. Left unchecked they can pull you off centre and make you feel less than great. As the saying goes ‘to err is to be human,’ but sometimes the erring just makes you feel ick – right?

A remember a few years back I felt incredibly lost. I was lonely and alone. My business at the time was faltering and I knew it was in direct relationship to how I was feeling on the inside. I didn’t need a spiritual guru to tell me that! I knew I was off balance but I wanted to fix it myself. There is no doubt that seeking external support is hugely valuable but I was in a time and place where I wanted to find the cause for myself. Have you ever been there? Have you ever felt that you wanted to know the source of the pain immediately? You didn’t want to wait to talk to someone about it. You wanted the answers right then and there?

At first the feelings creep up on you – a bit like a dirty floor. You begin by noticing a few leftover crumbs scattered after your morning toast. The week flows by and then suddenly on the weekend you look down and you think wow! Where did all this mess come from?

When we allow our emotions to build up and ignore the crumbs and signs we create a build up of mental energy that requires clearing and cleansing. For some people a walk or run outside can shift this energy. That’s why you feel so good after exercise.

But what can you do when a walk or run isn’t enough? What do you do when the feeling keeps growing and you are aware that your old tricks and go-to’s aren’t working anymore?

You need to turn to your self.

I discovered first hand the power of self reflection and what I like to call the inner work that we are all required to do – when we want to live our best life. 

All the answers lie within you, you just need to turn inwards and make a start. 

Here are 5 ways you can go deep and find the internal inspiration and answers you’ve been searching for, gain immediate clarity and re-focus your intentions and purpose for your life and work.

1. Master your language

One of the main sources of anxiety, stress, dis-ease and pain comes from the voice inside our heads. Think back to a day were you felt particularly uninspired or depressed. What was the voice saying? And how were you responding to it? Chances are you got wrapped up in a less than inspiring and motivating dialogue. So let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again shall we and let’s take a page from one of the greatest business and life strategists on the planet, Tony Robbins.

I recently watched Tony talk about the power of language and the day he decided to remove the word depressed from his vocabulary. The next time he felt depressed he simply deleted that word (just like you would a computer file) and replaced it with, ‘I want to feel better.’ This simple yet incredibly powerful technique immediately gave him the state change he was looking for. He regained power over his thoughts. 

The first step towards mastering your language is becoming aware of what you are saying to yourself. Pay attention to what you are actually saying and then take it one step further and become aware of what your ego is saying, over time you will be able to establish the difference between your ego and higher self. When you become aware of the different dialogue you can lovingly close the door on the negative language and replace it with positive words and phrases instead – that fuel your purpose here on earth.

2. Go within

When you are craving the answers to problems, go within. The fact that you’re feeling distressed, anxious or uninspired is a sign that you need to connect to your inner world. You need to re-engage your inner wisdom and prioritise this aspect of your life. Many people think that this needs to be incredibly complex and requires you to meditate 20 minutes twice per day. If you can do that – congratulations. But if you’re just starting out close your eyes for 5 minutes and just follow the flow of your breath. Allow yourself to breath in and breath out. Set a timer on your phone and allow yourself the space to become centred. The breath is the most powerful tool that we have. Most people live blindly unaware of it’s power to bring us back into the present moment in an instant.[clickToTweet tweet=”When you are craving the answers to problems, go within. – Brooke Alexander” quote=”When you are craving the answers to problems, go within.”]

3. Connect to your Higher Self.

Connecting with your Higher Self is actually very easy. All you need to do is set the intention to do so. Some people find that this happens naturally in the shower. I always like to finish my day in the shower, it’s become a ritual where I mentally release the days events and connect back to my true self. Water is a wonderful conduit for energy so you may also experience the same state of release and connection while swimming or taking a bath.

*Once you become present through breath work (Step 2) you create space in your mental energy field to raise your thinking. This reflective state is incredibly powerful and when repeated often allows you to connect with the inner wisdom of your highest self and bring this ease and flow into all areas of your life.

4. Repeat the mantra

In my private coaching practice I work with clients to develop a personalised mantra that enables them to quickly change their state when required.  This is an ancient and powerful practice and a very popular form of meditation. You can easily work with your own mantra by choosing a word to repeat through each breath. 

A popular yogi mantra taken from Kundalini Yoga is Sat Nam. In very simple terms, Sat means truth and Nam means Name. So as you breath in and out repeating the mantra you are bringing the truth of yourself into your awareness. You can find a great explanation of Sat Nam here

5. Create the space

In order to bring clarity and focus and inspiration back into your life you need to create the space for it to occur. We live in such a fast paced world, where social media embodies our waking hours you must develop a certain discipline or ritual where you allow your mind to settle and bring your intentions and purpose back into focus. This is when the magic truly happens.

[clickToTweet tweet=”You need to create the space for clarity, focus, inspiration to occur. – Brooke Alexander ” quote=”In order to bring clarity and focus and inspiration back into your life, you need to create the space for it to occur.”]

When I first began meditating I experienced what many meditation teachers call a monkey mind. Incessant thoughts would pop and burst into my brain, if you are experiencing this know that it’s completely normal. All you need to do is create the space to hear the answers and the answers will come – they always do. 

Remember the world needs you more than you know. So launch your dream business, idea, product or project. Set your intention for it to serve a higher purpose and doors will open where there were never doors before!  

Now I would love to hear from you. What is the one thing you can do today to bring more clarity, focus and inspiration into your life? Please share it with me in the comments below.

Thank you so much for being here. I am thrilled that we are on this journey together. 




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